Need an MCAT studying accountability partner (via email)!

Hi all,

I currently work 50 hours a week in a lab and teaching undergrads. I’m also planning a wedding and travel to visit family with illness. When it comes down to studying, I want to commit to 2-4 hours a day but can’t seem to find the motivation with everything else to do. I’m so tired after everything that I’d rather just relax and stare at my computer and be braindead.

I am registered for taking the MCAT this fall, and I basically need a friend or group who can keep each other accountable via email. Basically send each other reminder/motivational emails and update with truthful accounts of how studying is going. Anyone interested? Everyone is welcome but I’d lean toward fellow women Thanks!!

Hello, I am taking the MCAT this Aug. I can be that person to help you. We can help each other. I am married with 3 busy kids and I work 24 hrs a week while I am finishing up my accelerated masters program. I too get tired of being busy. One thing I do everyday is take my vitamins: Adrenasense, Thyrosense, and Olive Leaf Extract on an empty stomach. Those 3 things help me start my day without choking anyone. I have an 18 yr old daughter who tried the water, an 8 yr old son who can’t stop moving and a 7 yr old son who still gets in our bed at 2am I say this to say that I need an accountability partner too.

Hello, I am new to the forum, but sounds like we have a lot in common. I too would like to find an accountability/study partner or group. One thing I know, is its much easier to know you are on a challenging journey with others, than alone. I too am late 30s, married and work fulltime (overtime) in the medical field. I am very serious about moving towards my dream and am scheduled to test this summer. Please let me know if anyone is interested in teaming up!

Hi sunshine and 3dmommy, I’d love to get in touch with both of you! Please PM me your emails and I’ll get right on a group email including the 3 of us. Let’s follow our dream!

Hi sunshine, 3dmommy, newphd. Let’s form a group. I’m beginning a 75-day study plan and taking the mcat on July 12. I really need the discipline and accountability to get me through this. I am mid 30’s, also in the healthcare field and working full-time. It’s a big challenge but I believe we can do it. Let’s motivate each other and get this done!

Hi, I saw your post. I am definitely in the same situation. I work 40+ hours a week and have a family. I really want to do well on the MCAT, but I need a support group to keep me accountable. Can I be included in this group?

Sure. We are emailing each other through private email. However, it does not matter to me. Are you going to the conference next month?


I’m also taking the MCAT this August and would love to have an accountability group, hope we can all help each other…

Whoa… this is a great idea!! I’d love to be included on some motivational emails too!

Not sure how to PM. Never used a board like this before. I am in my early 30s, mom of three, just finished running a congressional campaign, and will now be focusing on the MCAT full time from now unitl AUGUST. I have a blog where I post what I do every day. I spend about 4 -6 hours on studying, and another 2 ish on reading and application stuff. I love the idea of having some other folks to chat with about this stuff. No one in my personal life is on the same track. They are all really supportive, but I am pretty sure they are tired of hearing about geeky science stuff. I would suggest a google hangout once a week. It can accomodate around 9-10 people comfortably. Just glorified video chat, but free.

Wow…I envy all the available time you have smeehleib:)! I am on a serious mission trying to maximize whatever time I do have. I’m a career changer still working full time, but failing is NOT an option!~ I would LOVE to do google chat. I’m not a techy, but I’m sure I could figure it out. Up to now, those in the study accountability group have swapped emails and occasional phone calls. Feel free to start a private chat including your email. Its been so nice partnering with people on the same journey!

Hello, I would like to join this group. I am 34 years old with 8 yrs of professional engineering experience. I am currently studying for the MCAT (August test date) using the Kaplan course. We are just completing the first 1/3 of the Bio/GChem/OChem/Physics material. My strength is Physics and weakness is Verbal. I took the test last year and scored a 23 and as expected, didn’t get in anywhere. This year, I quit my job and I am 100% committed to an excellent score. If I can join, please message me. Thanks.


I am totally interested in being part of a motivating group for the MCAT. I am in my 40’s and completing my postbac classes in California. I am debating the old MCAt or waiting for the New Mcat.

Hi drisaac and zensonez… Thanks for the interest! I joined not too long ago, but I must say we’ve stalled out a bit. Its been wonderful having the academic & morale support and encouragement from fellow nontrads, but it seems we are all taking the exam at different times and therefore at different stages of panic/studying. Some are taking the exam in a few weeks, others not til August, and others not until next year! I’m shooting for July, and tho I am juggling it with a f/t job, it is my top priority at this point.

Yes, we are taking it at other times. I’m scheduled for Aug 7 which is only a few weeks after yours! But, I would love to have an MCAT accountability study buddy for moral support until test date! Email me at (besides ppl often reschedule). Happy Studying!

Anyone still out there, looking for a study/accountability partner? I’m taking it in January 2015.


I am taking it 1/15/15. Using Kaplan on site, weekends will be buried in books but I would LOVE a study buddy to keep me on track during the week.

My plan is 8 - 9 hours each weekend day.

2 - 3 hours each night during the week, to reinforce the weekend (something I learned in ochem).

Let me know - I can pm you my personal email addy.

I am included in small group. One of the members took the MCAT this Aug. I am currently studying for Jan 2015. You can always email me.

Hi all,

I have just started preparing with TBR books. I am not sure about MCAT dates yet. I am planning to take the Kaplan series next year.

My major hurdle is to get myself to study after work in the evenings. I am gonna try harder today.

I would like to have an accountability partner.

Buzz me if you’re interested!