Need help deciding on retaking MCAT

I recently took the MCAT for the first time (July 23rd) and received my score (509). I expected to do better than this as I was scoring regularly in the mid 5teens on the AAMC practice tests. I think nerves and just the whole situation of the testing center being new to me caused me to score lower than expected. The day after the test I scheduled a new exam just incase my scores were not what I wanted. The exam is on August 29th.

I am having a lot of problems trying to decide if I should retake, basically if the benefits outweigh the risks. Will receiving a score in mid-September be too late considering schools will already see my previous score and make a decision? Is it work risking it to get a 5-7 point increase? I have read that some schools look poorly on students that retake mid-application cycle. Will the mere fact that I am retaking cause schools to look poorly on me?

I have asked my premed advisor but she was not much help basically because this cycle is thrown off timingwise. I can provide my other statistics/relevant info if that would help.

Texas Resident

Thank you all so much for any help! I am really very torn right now on what to do and any input helps!