Need help making a plan!

Hi all,

I want to apologize beforehand if this post is repetitive but I am very lost and looking for some guidance pertaining to my particular situation.

I guess we can start with a little background, Cliff notes edition.
In 2016 I entered the college of business at my state university and struggled the whole way through.
During my time in school I struggled with Anxiety (now treated, thank god) as well as unmedicated ADHD. I have multiple F’s D’s C’s and W’s scattered across my transcript as a result. I graduated a year ago with a marketing degree and a 2.79 gpa. I took the first job offered to me out of school.

I’m not happy with my current career path, I hate sales and don’t find any fulfillment going to work each morning. After much reflection I’ve realized that working towards becoming a physician is something that I would really like to do. My question for you all is… if I were to quit my job, focus on school(pre-reqs), MCAT, shadowing, clinical experience, and volunteering is it even possible to make my dream a reality and one day become a physician.

I have looked into taking my courses at a CC, and 4 year university. I have also looked into the Postbac programs that are listed on the AAMC site but and am confused and am looking for some guidance.

If I need to go sit in the cold shower of brutal honesty I will. but i’m willing to put in the work to make this dream become a reality if it can realistically be one.

Thanks in advance.