Need help on picking a job.. Non-trad ~30s

So I have a job offer to teach as a high school science teacher… this pays honestly pretty good for a teacher…, I currently work as an instructor at a nursing school teaching basic stuff like medical terminology, dosage calculation, medical documentation, etc. I also work part time as an MCAT instructor.

In your opinion, between a high school science teacher vs Nursing school + MCAT instructor, which looks more favorable for medical school applications? Ive also considered applying to PA school since it seems like an easier path.

Any feedback would be appreciated

I don’t think there is an inherent benefit to choosing one over the other. You’re still generally doing the same thing (i.e. teaching), but the audience is different. Your takeaways and impact/the impact on you in these experiences will be what makes you stand out and have your application viewed more favorably.

I feel like MCAT instructor looks more favorable… people really disrespect high school science teachers… not sure how to approach it though, thanks

Do what you want. None of it is clinical experience so it’s not like one has a significant advantage over the other.

Be you and allow that to stand out in your future application.

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Really ? I figured working as a nursing instructor or MCAT instructor would at least come off more advantageous to the other…

Dr. Gray has said so many times to not choose your path in life based on what you think medical schools want, but rather let your individuality show through choosing the path that you want.

While teaching nursing students and MCAT students is related to healthcare, it’s not as if you are gaining clinical experience from these things (which is one of the big things med schools actually care about). People get into medical school all the time from completely different career paths. I wouldn’t view either of those routes as more advantageous than the other (unless you need to retake the MCAT and being an instructor helps you stay up on the material?)

Thanks, I feel like I cannot be “me” throughout this process… I needed to hear that… its weird but I like the MCAT… It was a fun exercise in my favorite subjects…

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