Need help-Urgent!

Hie everyone,

I am 32 yrs, international student starting Nursing BSN(2 and a half yrs to finish) this fall, at one of the universities in the U.S. All my heart is to do medicine, so far in my prerequisites I have all A’s and 3 B’s in statistics,Anatomy and Human Physiology. Twice I have tried to talk to advisors of premed but honestly they discourage me alot just by what they say because I am an international student. i Know some time I will get the permanent residency after my education. My question today is I have a scholarship which covers my tuition and want to take advantage of that to finish my Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a minor in premed. So that when i will have the green card i can just apply to a do school. Would you advise me to go ahead and take pre requisites while doing nursing or One thing at a time? My age is another factor I feel like doing it right away, do you think the pre med classes may need alot of time to the extent that I can end up jeorpadising my present GPA of 3.8. please help I am so stuck?

You have plenty of time. You are not stuck! Take a deep breath and realize that you will have time to accomplish all these things.

You may TRY to do prerequisites for med school while doing your BSN coursework but you may find that it will be impossible. Many BSN programs have highly structured curricula and don’t have the flexibility that you would need to take courses outside the program. If you find that is true for where you are, don’t worry. Just complete the bachelor’s, get out into the workforce, and then figure out the next step. There will be time.


Just as a FYI:

It may be different as a nurse but as a IT profession (Software Engineer, System Administrator, etc), it takes around 6-7 years to get a green card with corporate sponsorship.

I’m not trying to discourage you or anything. Just giving you a piece of information I’ve learned from my friends and co-workers.

Thanks for your advice it is encouraging to read your little bio on your signature. Sometimes my age gives me alot of food for thought. what about my grades especially the B’s what do you think? will that not affect me negatively?


There are a vast amount of international students who went the medical school route. You can and will do fine. This site is a invaluable resource and support system for people like you and I.

Never let someone beat you down from what it is that you aspire to be. Sometimes those people are jealous and envious, therefore they don’t want to see others succeed and be prosperous. If medicine is what your meant to do, then don’t let anyone or anything stop you short of death itself!

Sorry I had to chime in here after reading your original post. So chiongo if this is what you want, GO GET IT!! Were all here to help and support one another, keep us posted on your journey. Best wishes and luck for you in your future!