Need help with this interface!!

Hey guys, I would normally blame this type of thing on being over 30, (33 to be exact), but that is obviously not going to work here. I cannot seem to figure out how to view the messages on this forum. For instance, when I choose a thread, all the replies show up under it in various order, not seeming to be by date or anything else that I can decipher. Thus I read replies out of order and it gets frustrating. Any way to change the interface in my preferences somewhere so it resembles more commonly seen interfaces like in SDN? I just can’t figure it out!!

go to “my home” (at the top of the page), and click on “display preferences” which is under “main configuration.” (It’s located low on the screen; you’ll have to scroll down.) Then you can choose:
default display mode - flat
default view - collapsed
This should make it look like SDN I hope - it’s the configuration I’m using (I copied these directions from my page) and it works for me. Play with it some. There’s a lot of stuff built into this forum software that isn’t obvious at first but when you explore a bit it’s fun to see whata you can do.
holiday today, wooooo-hoooooo!

- I had the same problem and was almost about to post the same question…
when I check it regualrly it’s not a problem, because all unreaded posts are highlighted. But when I don’t visit for a week I’m completly lost…And I can’t help that the post aren’t displayed in chronological order (I have it set this way in ‘my configuration’ but it still doesn’t work)

I have been having another type of problem. When I was at home this weekend (I have been spending the week at organic chemsitry boot camp), I was unable to log in. Every time I would log in, it would send me back to the forum page you can view if you are not registered. I tried deleting my cookies, clearing temporary internet files, etc, with no success. Previously at home, I would often have the problem where I logged in, it sent me to “my home”, but then when I went to read the forums it said “not logged in”. I would have to go back to “my home”, and clear the cookie cache there, and all would be fine.
I think the issue may be with my computer at home, as I had no trouble logging in with my laptop tonight. Any advice or thoughts about why I can’t log in?