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Hi Folks. I’m new here.

Been reading posts for a year or so and finally registered for an account.

Me: BA in English '95 (3.4 gpa) from U Maryland and then grad school @ Georgetown 98-00 (3.83 gpa), left before finished thesis so officially no MA (concentration: cultural studies/media studies). Since 07, I’ve been taking prereqs at community college (A&P I and II, College Chem I, Pharmacology, Bio, Micro, Dev Psych, Psych I, Med Term, Statistics, etc. w/GPA of 3.5 for those classes.) My plan was to apply to PA school or even a direct-entry NP program. I do not really like the nursing education approach. For me, too focused on “care” and less on the science with which I am fascinated.

The closest PA program is 1 hour either direction (one in Winchester, VA and one in DC). No MD programs within driving distance (really).

I also have 3 kids and a husband. I’ve been working as a clinic asst in public school system (school nurses who aren’t nurses) since 07. It’s a pretty cool job b/c you get great hands-on experience. I applied to accelerated BSN program which is 4 miles from my house b/c I figured well, I’ll just do that. But…you know the story, I’m not happy with that decision (classes to start in fall 09). And I’m having cold feet and questioning if I should just figure out a way to do what I want to do.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me? FWIW, my end goal is to be a ER or family practice MD (or PA) if I can do this at all.

Part of my dilemma (of course) is that it’s extremely challenging to pick up and move to a new location due to my 3 kids and my husband who is deep in his career and our horrific mortgage situation on our dumb house (aaarrgh.)

Thoughts, reflections? Sorry for the ramble!


Hi Alexa!

Wow you do have some hard choices to make. My question for you would be would your husband be able/willing to relocate in order for you to attend the nearest PA or MD school? If so you would then need to apply to the nearest programs in your area and sell, lease out your home to make it happen. In my opinion I would shoot for the MD route. No sense in doing something that may not be as fulfilling in the long run. Being a PA is comparable to an NP ( training is a bit different) and although mostly rewarding the cons would be you can not practice independently and are limited in your scope of practice. That is a big reason why I’m here now.

I’d try to finish that MA first since it’s my understanding that med schools like to see applicants finish what they start. Second, I think you’d need to take some upper level science courses at a university to be competetive most medical schools. Third, I thought there were 2 PA programs in DC, Howard and GWU.

I also agree that you shouldn’t start a nursing program if your heart isn’t in it. I’m also in metro DC and believe there are many more opprotunities around than you may be aware of. Of course, that depends on how much you’re willing to commute.

Thanks for your replies.

Yes, indeed, there are two PA programs in DC (Howard & GW) and one in Winchester, but as it is near impossible for me to physically get to one in DC, it’s also next to impossible to get to one. If it weren’t for the three kids with really busy schedules, I’d be there.

I left the MA program in 2000 to stay at home with my husband’s son from a previous marriage whose mom had died and he was on the autism spectrum. When I tried to go back repeatedly, Georgetown kept adding on additional requirements which added huge amounts of time and money on to it. So, I just gave up that. That, and the fact that I had just so much going on with the kids and my husband’s work travel schedule. And, the fact that I didn’t give a hoot about cultural studies and realized that the work didn’t make a bit of difference in the world. I guess after helping my husband’s son (now my son) I realized that writing about film theory was pointless when there are people with real problems and challenges out there.

In sum, good points, but it’s highly doubtful I’ll return to Georgetown to ever finish the MA. And, I had so many credits towards the degree that everywhere else I investigated wouldn’t accept most and I’d lose so much money anyway. Maybe not the best decision at the time, but I’m comfortable with it.

It’s more likely that I’ll do the second degree BSN program and see where that takes me since the other paths are just to complex to navigate with family requirements, etc.

Thanks for the input!

These are good points to consider. Thanks for your input.

I defintiely understand about having to change plans due to family commitments. Not now, doesn’t have to mean never!

path2dr2b: love your blog. you’ve had a fascinating trajectory. impressive!

  • alex1 Said:
path2dr2b: love your blog. you've had a fascinating trajectory. impressive!

Thanks for the boost!!! Although I do feel these days like that trajectory is heading toward a brick wall, LOL!!