Need Research Advice!

Hi everyone,

I need advice on a current dilemma that I have put off for the summer, but can’t put off anymore.

I have been accepted into a Research Associate program at a hospital, assisting in clinical research in the ER. At first I was excited, and now that Fall is creeping around the corner, I find myself a little bit hesitant to take on such a task.

For Fall, I have my final courses lined up for my BS in Health Science, which are all 300 and 400 level. This also includes a 400 level epidemiology course, which I am excited for, but I know it will be difficult. In addition to this, I will be working full-time(which I’ve been doing for my whole undergrad career,so nothing new).

The cons of this program are:

1)It is 45 minutes away (I’m not sure when I will find the extra time to commute, not to mention the gas prices)

2)I will have to do a minimum number of hours, with the least being 4. I will more than likely not be able to contribute more time to this, because of my other obligations. I’m afraid that I will have one foot in and one foot out.

3)It is unpaid. Enough said! (I also volunteer in addition to making a very little wage working with the disabled. I already live paycheck to paycheck).

Part of me wants to put this off for a later time (which really is no biggie to do–it will always be there), and then part of me wants to do it, but I know that I will be tired and miserable, not to mention that I want my last semester’s grades to be stellar.

What do you think?

I think you need to focus on what it is that you want to do. You cannot do everything and you certainly should not try to because in the end, something will suffer. If you are trying to get into medical school, it cannot be your grades. If you can put off the research then I would put that off.