Need some advice from the gurus on the forum please...

To summarize my ordeal this semester, I was doing well in my pre-reqs and maybe I got too cocky. I ended up taking O1 and G2 simultaneously this semester thinking I could wing it. To top it off I’m also taking P2.

Well needless to say I am floundering in O1. I’ve realized it’s not so much the lack of background as just the time required by it. I’m doing fine in P2 and G2 - it’s just O1 thats killing me.

So now I have to make a decision. Kill myself and end the semester with a C in O1 and possibly risk less than an A each in G2 and P2, or drop O1, get an A in P2 and G2, and get a W on my transcript for O1.

I have no problems with dropping O1 (except for the blow to my academic pride lol). The only problem is that I was hoping to take a shot at the MCATs in June. If I drop O1 this semester, I won’t be able to take O2 next semester and so will have to take O2 in summer 08 and that pushes out my MCATS to Aug - Sep.

So essentially my plans to matriculate in Fall 09 may be jeopardized if I drop O1 and I may have to matriculate in Fall 10.

On my other prereqs I have all A’s with one B+ and my grad school GPA was a 4.0 as was my undergrad GPA.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to opine what the best approach would be for me.

Somewhere along the way, when I was feeling that I needed to push and GET IN already, I realized that hurrying a less-than-optimal application would probably earn me the same result as taking an extra year to put together a great application: acceptance in the second of the two possible years.

Withdraw from O-chem. Continue plugging away and re-assess what your target date for MCAT and application will be as you work your way through the rest of your prereqs, MCAT prep, etc. Maybe you’ll still take the MCAT in August of 2008 and apply; if so, you’ll have taken the steps to make it a strong application. Or maybe you’ll get to the summer of '08 and realize that you’re not going to be able to put together a strong application for that year, and you are instead going to work toward applying in 2009.

My points:

– you only want to apply ONCE if you can at all help it; med school applications are a pain in the a$$

– you want to take every step to make your application strong

– one year in this whole process doesn’t end up amounting to much.


This happens a LOT…where folks over do it and end up with sucky grades…I agree with Mary…you ONLY want to apply ONCE. I can tell you…the applicants are EXCEPTIONAL and believe me when I tell you that medical school applications are UP and are extremely competitive. It is better to add a year take longer but make your application STAND OUT. I hope many non-trads read this post and realize that things can get out of hand quickly and it is best to go slow but do well. Good luck.

Appreciate the input!