Need some gal pals!

Hey! I’m a 33-year-old pre-med mother of a toddler, in my first year of undergrad in biology. I am looking for some other mamas in their 30’s who might want to make a small group and support each other on some convenient platform. This path is challenging for mothers, women, and non-trads, with all 3 going for me, I need some great friends to relate to the struggle!

As for me; I’m dreaming of a future in dermatology or anesthesiology, I love the gym, snowboarding, skincare, studying, and my baby girl. I’m creative and always researching how to do things the best way, especially this path to physicianhood!

Send me a message directly if you are looking for support too and fit the description above.

Best to you all!



Hey! I’m Rebekah. I am also in my thirties and a mother. I’d love to connect with you and support each other through this journey! I am finishing up my last couple classes for a B.S. in Psychology and planning a post bacc after that.


Hi! I’m Tatiana, also in my 30s, mom of a toddler, and getting this application ready this cycle! I will be happy to connect with like-minded women! I finished my BS in cell and molecular in 2019 had my son in the summer before my last semester) I would love to connect!



I’m not a mother but I’m a 32 year old career changer. I’m about to start taking my prereqs in a DIY style post bacc. I’m working full time so taking one class at a time.

Would love to connect with some of you for support! :slight_smile: