Need some gal pals!

Hey! I’m a 33-year-old pre-med mother of a toddler, in my first year of undergrad in biology. I am looking for some other mamas in their 30’s who might want to make a small group and support each other on some convenient platform. This path is challenging for mothers, women, and non-trads, with all 3 going for me, I need some great friends to relate to the struggle!

As for me; I’m dreaming of a future in dermatology or anesthesiology, I love the gym, snowboarding, skincare, studying, and my baby girl. I’m creative and always researching how to do things the best way, especially this path to physicianhood!

Send me a message directly if you are looking for support too and fit the description above.

Best to you all!



Hey! I’m Rebekah. I am also in my thirties and a mother. I’d love to connect with you and support each other through this journey! I am finishing up my last couple classes for a B.S. in Psychology and planning a post bacc after that.


Hi! I’m Tatiana, also in my 30s, mom of a toddler, and getting this application ready this cycle! I will be happy to connect with like-minded women! I finished my BS in cell and molecular in 2019 had my son in the summer before my last semester) I would love to connect!



I’m not a mother but I’m a 32 year old career changer. I’m about to start taking my prereqs in a DIY style post bacc. I’m working full time so taking one class at a time.

Would love to connect with some of you for support! :slight_smile:


Hi Marina!

I love your idea. It’s so reassuring to see other moms and career changers around my age. I’m also a full-time working mom and have two kids under 8. My youngest is 3, so I’m trying to knock out my prereqs now so that I can apply when both of my children are in school.
But the struggle is REAL. The mom-guilt is REAL. When I started my family I pushed aside all my career ambitions and was happy to do it. But Covid gave me a wake-up call and now I’m determined to put myself in a position to apply to medical school and go from there.
I’d love to be a part of a group that can encourage one another. I’m starting OChem and Molecular Bio in 2 weeks and I’ll need all the support I can get! I also applied for a post-bac program and am still waiting to find out if I got in or not.

Good luck everyone with your journeys and please keep in touch. So glad to know that I’m not alone!

~Christina B.

:wave: everyone. I am glad you started this thread as often times I find myself sifting through premed forums trying to find people in similar situations. Regardless, I try to learn from posts by different people at differentife stages.
A little about myself; 38, mother of 2 kids (an 8yo and a 2yo). Finishing up BA in Community Development degree at a college. I’m at the very beginning of gathering information and researching everything premed. I will most likely start applying next year.

Hello everyone,

I am glad to have found this thread. I find myself in the same journey.

I am 37and a mother of twins (8 year old boy/girl). Last year I finished my bachelor’s degree in communications and then the pandemic hit. I felt restless and needed more. My husband noticed it and suggested medical school. I always wanted to be a doctor but life took me in another direction and for a moment I thought it was not a possibility. Until I researched the perquisites to medical school and realized that it is a possibility. Next week I start my first real semester of DIY post bacc that should last about 2 years before I am able to apply to medical school. I am very nervous about this journey. I know this is going to be challenging. Yet, I find myself excited to start. I am curious to see how I can balance all these things. I want to be the best student but my children are the most important thing and I don’t want to be an absent parent.

This is a great thread! Having a community of women who share similar stories is always encouraging. I feel like I am not the only one and that motivates me to keep going.

Good luck to everyone and I hope we keep in touch.


Same! Where are you taking your DIY post bac credits? I’m trying to decide whether to do a post bac program or a DIY, any advice would be great!