Need some reassurance and advice

Recently decided, after agonizing for years and years about what I really wanted to do, that I should just go with what I had planned on doing since I was a teenager – going to medical school and becoming a doctor. I’m frustrated because of the length of time between earning my Bachelors (it was in a science…Microbiology), so I have most of the pre-reqs done. It’s just that most of them are over 10 years old now. My GPA from back in the day kinda got shot to pieces because of a severe illness and surgery that forced me to withdraw from school in the middle of my junior year. Now I’m married, with a small child…and my husband and I are just struggling, like most people, to keep our heads above water. He is so supportive about letting me pursue my dreams, and is constantly reassuring me ‘if this is what you want to do, then do it. I’m behind you’. But then I have the rest of my family telling me it’s a ridiculous idea, and I need to just face reality that I’m too old to do it, and have too many responsibilities now. Compared to many on this board I’m not that old…Just turned 28. I already know what pre-reqs to retake, what volunteer work, shadowing, etc. I would need to do…BUT I guess I just need the reassurance that it can be done from other people who have kids while premed and med student and that it is completely worth the effort. What I would like to do is primary care with an emphasis in obstetrics, working in rural medicine.

I’ve been debating the same thing: my concern with my kids.

However, age shouldn’t be an issue to you. My father is a doctor and every time I ask him if he thinks I’m too old for this (even believing that it’s never too late for you to follow your dream), he tells me: - Of course not!! It only depends on your commitment and energy. He is 68; he’s retired but decided to continue to work on the hospital (ER)… Listen to the ones who share the same passion and love for Medicine.

Hey! Don’t give up on your dreams! It took me a long time to decide exactly because of the length of time required… I earned my Bachelor’s degree in 1996 and was terribly disappointed to find out that my credits “don’t count”. Start all over??? I will be SO OLD by the time I can take the MCAT. You know what helped me decide? My boyfriend saying : “you know what? You will be SO OLD, no matter what. You may as well do what you love.” My advice: don’t give up without a fight. Best of luck!

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You sure can do it if you really want.