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Reading about how AMCAS makes you enter each grade and each class and then calculates your GPA made me think of something. I took a 10 credit course at UC Berkeley that wasn’t included in my GPA and then my entire last year of college was in France and none of those grades were put in (they were still through an American school) so once/if you factor them into my GPA it is actually higher than the one calculated by SUNY Stony Brook.
Had to share that with someone who might appreciate it. My coworkers just look at me blankly like, “Yeah, whatever.”

you’ve come to the right place for people to appreciate this. When I entered my grades into AMCAS, I discovered that one set of plus-minus grades was assigned a different GPA vs. another set (one B+ was a 3.3, the other was a 3.5 or something like that). Obviously AMCAS customized these grades based on information from the respective schools, I didn’t know exactly and I didn’t care, all I knew was that my overall GPA went up by, I don’t know, probably .004 or something and I was ecstatic.
So i feel your elation at this great realization! tongue.gif

Thanks – I knew people here would understand.
Funny thing – I have been able to get Stony Brook to send my transcripts to everyone – execpt me. I had this happen once before with them – I call for the transcripts and I was asked, "Are you sure you went to Stony Brook? There are a lot of other SUNY schools, you know."
Granted I did drink some in college but not enough to not know where I was! Yikes! I am going to just copy the ones they sent to Georgetown so I’ll have all my stuff to enter in next year.
Another funny thing – we have these meetings for all the heads of the different UN agencies in Washington, DC and the Deputy Director announced at the last one that I am leaving and why. One guy came up to me and asked if I am going to become a real doctor or a tv doctor because ‘it will take a lot less time to be a tv doctor’ – ya think? Cracked me up.

That is so hysterical! What nutjobs: both SUNY-Stony Brook and your co-workers. That’s awesome that your GPA is higher. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Also, I think your TA experience will be a great boost to your application–as if you need it with all your other ECs: mountain-climbing, political campaigns, etc. YOU RULE! If I were on an admissions committee, I’d accept you pretty easily.
My undergrad GPA from Ohio U. is a 3.2. Since then, I’ve taken 1 sign language class at Gallaudet (got a cool.gif, and several classes at NVCC: dance (B–I think), Chemistry 101 (A), College Algebra (Pass–it was Pass/Fail) and although I started PreCalc with Trig last semester, I withdrew when I bombed the mid-term b/c I couldn’t risk a bad grade. I also took the harder math class and am going to try again with the easier PreCalc this fall (see below) that is spread over 2 semesters instead of squeezing it into 1. I’m really weak in math so I had to start from the beginning with algebra. I would have gotten an A though if it had been for a grade so I felt much better about myself.
I’m going to be taking PreCalculus at NVCC this fall and next spring and applying for post-bacc programs for next summer/fall. I’ve decided to apply to Georgetown for their post-bacc program–partly based on your recommendation. If you can, please put in a good word for me!
I finally decided which schools for post-bacc programs: Johns Hopkins, Goucher, Georgetown for my area schools, and UNC-Greensboro, Drexel, and Barry U. in Miami for my out of area schools. I hope one of them lets me in! I really want to do a full-time post-bacc program. I hate wasting time doing corporate bullshit when I could be pursuing my dream. But, I tell myself: I am working towards it though–slowly but surely. At least I’ve got a job.
It would be so awesome getting into either G’town, JH, or Goucher so I could stay in the area. I’m hoping to stay here b/c I already have a built-in support network here: boyfriend and friends who I hope will help keep me sane cool.gif . Drexel (in Philly) has a night program so I could even do it part-time if I wanted to (IF I could get a job in Philly) so that’s also an advantage. Also, my younger sister will be at UPenn this fall starting her M.S.W. I’m so proud of her! And, I’m originally from Miami so although Barry is in North Miami/Miami Shores, I would have the support of my family there: Mom & stepdad (once they move down from NY) and Dad & stepmom are already there. Plus, my grandmother and uncle live in Coral Springs, which is only an hour away from Miami. Also, Barry has a 1-year post-bacc program and if you take the MCAT and don’t get in to med school after that, you can continue taking electives the 2nd year and obtain a master’s degree in biomedical sciences, which I think would look good on med school applications.
Wish me luck! Now, I have to get off my ass and start writing a personal statement…which I am dreading.

Don't discount the post-bacc program at Towson University. It has a great track record and costs less than the private programs (even if you do pay out-of-state rates). I was accepted at Goucher and Towson (in the days before Hopkins) and chose Towson because of cost and I liked the flexibility to take other upper level science classes (I already had both physics classes). Even though it is a state university, the classes are suprisingly small and since the post-bacc program is small, the professors get to know the students really well. If you have any questions about it let me know.

Thanks for reminding me about Towson. I think you mentioned this at the conference. Do you happen to have the web link or person I should contact for more info.? Johns Hopkins is the “prestigious” school, but honestly think I won’t get in and I figure it would be ultra-competitive if I got in and then I might end up hating it.
I’m trying to limit where I apply to 5-6 schools so maybe I should substitute Towson for JH. I can’t decide!! Ugh. I think definately Georgetown and Goucher, which I was really impressed with. Also, per my previous post, Barry and UNC are also appealing to me. I could apply to Towson also with the other schools I mentionned, which would make 7 schools but then I have to add extra paperwork to the FAFSA. I think they allow up to 6 schools on 1 form so I’m trying to narrow it down. Honestly, every school looks good to me. But, I’d prefer one that really focuses on post-baccs and has a small student-to-faculty ratio, good counseling and any “extras” such as practice MCATs and mock med-school interviews. But, definately Towson would be cheaper than Goucher or JH (I think). The sad thing is I used to live in MD and thus could have paid in-state rates if I got into one of these schools. Oh well. I don’t want to change my state residency b/c a post-bacc program is 1-2 years and Virginia has 4 med schools now, all of which I think are good although it’s too soon to tell with VCOM since this is their first year in business.
If you could send me the links to Towson or phone/e-mail of their admissions person that would be helpful. Thanks!