need to vent-failed a chem test-way stressed

Hi every one. Read or don’t read. This a venting post. I need to whine and really don’t have anyone to whine to here cuz many people think i am nuts to be enduring all of this anyways. Kindda like if your going to put yourself thru hell don’t complain to us type attitude.

Today was the third chem 2 test on equilibrium. Definately a challenge to learn. Last week was spring break. we finished this unit almost two weeks ago and have had 2 1/2 new lectures on new material before this test.

I did really really bad. There was three problems to work out completely worth 20 points a piece and well i could barely start them let along complete them. last problem was worth 5 points and i didn’t even get to that. He only have 55 minutes for the test and half way thru it my stomach started cramping really bad. I needed to go to the bathroom realy bad thought i was going to have diarrhea.

Was my stomach nerves? or what don’t know probably sleep depervation. Cuz let’s see I was on call over the weekend. From friday night at 9 pm to sat at 9 pm i had 23 pages on my pager and that is not counting multiple pages to same number. I tried to have a date night with my husband on Sat. night got paged 6 times during dinner and then as soon as we were done eating had to drop him off and go do a H & P on a 12 twin gestation with severe asthma attack. Even though this is a higher risk patient I write the H and P and my doc will co sign it in the AM. and she had to have an admit H and P to consult pulmonology to eval and rx plan of care.

well the week didn’t get better. I am trying to study for chem test. Monday I had three labors. One was an induction who delivered at 5: 30. I had my doc deliver the second at 9 pm and the third i had told her months ago i would special her delivered at 1 am. So now tuesday I am tire when doing rounds at 7 am and to office to go to chemistry at my luch hour. back to office and after office to son’s baseball game.

Now wednesday not much better. Canceled patients in office to go to chemistry tutoring lab from 12 pm - 5 pm. Thinking i am haveing an idea.

Now I am on call on wednesday and low and behold a patient SROM’s ( water broke). At hosptial at 10 pm. baby in distress. Call doc. Stat c/s at 11 and home at 12: 30 am only to have another labor walk in. Up at 7 back to hospital and to office.

I would normally not take call before an exam but he only gives us a week notice on which days our tests and our call schedule is made a month in advance.

Now if this all sounds bad lets me add alittle more about life. Our office manager died feb 18th. She did everyting from billing to acct payable to everything. Well now in the mean time I am also playing office manager. My doc is a wonderful doc but know NOTHING about bussiness. Hell he can’t even assign his own dx codes for billing. Billing is another major problem. Seems that the old office manager who did the billing didnt’ really know what she was doing.

The bussiness is drowning, circling the drain, I am trying like hell to keep it afloat. My doc has no idea what to do. We are a busy practice doing about 25 deliveries a month between the two of us. and seeing about 40-50 patients a day.

Once the billing gets sorted out he will actually make money on his practice that he never knew he had.

And to add the final leg of this vent. Back in the middle of Jan. I had the worse headache of my life. It was also the most expesive headache also. After CAT scan; Lumbar puncture; steroids, pain meds, lots of NSAIDs that almost gave me an ulcer. Labs confirmed that I had MONO. I am still tired.

Thanks for listening to me vent if you made it this fare down. I know this is a long post.

I am just thankful that the lowest test score is dropped. I know the last test I got an 88 and the highest grade was a 90 so i am holding my own.

And it is because of all of this that gives me more drive to make it to and thru medical school cuz if i am going to live the life of a doc let me be a doc.


a midwife who wants more

Wow. That is a tough week.

You will make it.

Oh goodness, I feel ungrateful now after my vent. I think I would have curled up fetal position and just rocked after that week!

What hung you up with equilibriums? Is this gen chem? We are doing them now and it seems to be making sense (barring me forgetting what to do with a natural log and needing to bug my professor lol). If I can’t help you out someone here should be able to. I can’t count the number of times I’ve come here yelling help.

Take your exam to your professor. Ask him/her to walk through the parts that gave you trouble. Some are more aimiable to this than others, but still, you are paying for it. My last chem prof was super amazing at this, though, she didn’t field general questions. She made you ask specifics. This professor this semester asks repeatedly for us to come to him w/ questions, but he’s an introvert so it always seems a tad weird. However, I don’t care. I ask. I want to know. Besides, it’s chemistry. It’s what makes our bodies do the weird and wonderful things they do.

Good luck. Go take a non NSAID pain reliever, and a warm soaking bath. Climb into your favorite pajamas and veg out with some hot cocoa. It’s time to destress your brain so you can tackle the world tomorrow.

I really did fail the test. OMG I don’t think i have ever gotten that low on a test.

I got a 56. That would be an F+. A “D” cut off is a 57. The highest grade was a 90 followed by 2 “B’s” and 4 “c’s”. There was 8 “F’s”. The average grade was a 62. ( there is 24 in our class)

Now i don’t know if knowing everyone else did bad makes me feel better or worse.

I will be using this as my drop grade. We have two more tests and a comprehesive final. Homework counts as a test score so i should still be able to pull a high B or low A.

Thanks for everyone who read my rant.


a midwife who wants more

It happens. Do not let it discourage you. We have all been there and in the future, more will be there.