Need Your Opinions about an LOR dilemma

Hi, guys-- happy Friday!!

I’d like to seek some advice about an LOR issue I’m having. I approached one of my professors and asked if he would write a letter, and here was his response (for the most part):

“I would be happy to write you a letter. Your performance in class is stellar, and I think you will be an amazing physician some day. You have just the right disposition and caring attitude, and you’re a genius.

In fact, why don’t you just write whatever you want me to say, and I’ll sign it? That way, you get what you need, and you get it in time without having to deal with my procrastinating nature.”

Um… huh?

He’s serious. He wants me to write my own letter, and he will sign it and mail it where I tell him to. He is the kind of person that I’d have to bug to get it submitted, and I would worry that he would put it off and not do it. So I get what he means about that… but still… have any of you ever had to deal with this?


Hello carrieliz,

In fact that is very common among professors and people that really believe in you, congratulations that is not so common thought.

I say, jump at the opportunity.

He gave you a tough task, because describing oneself in an unbiased manner is the most difficult task in the world. As a guide, just write what you think he would vouch for you, not more nor less, following the guidelines that appear in your preferred medical schools.

He will, of course, have to read your letter and approve or improve upon what you wrote.


All the letters I will get will follow this format. All the letters I write as a teacher follow this format.

Nothing to be afraid of. This is usual stuff. BTW, professors never sign the letter as is and would not sign something that they don’t think is accurate. You are just helping them getting the job done.

Thanks, guys. It just caught me off guard, I guess!

No problem

Your email prompted me to start my letter requests. I started like two years ago, but now, it is time to collect.

Thanks for the post, it kind of reminded me of the issue.