Needed: ExamKrackers Complete Study Package

Dear fellow opmers:
Does anyone have a copy of this study guide that I can buy? I’ve tried to order this for the last 3 months, and still on the waiting list at I’m worried it’ll finally arrive too late…as I’d like to start studying now for the april Mcat…I’m in Maryland and can pay shipping as well.

They’re in stock at the publishers:

Thanks Denise!
I just might have to go that route then!

Buying from Examkrackers is ALOT more expensive. The same thing happened to me…I bought from Amazon and after 2-1/2 months they still didn’t have it. So I just bought the books individually from Amazon (you can get all the books EXCEPT the Biology book in about 1 week). And then I bought the Biology book from There are a couple of used copies on Amazon that are in new condition. This route still comes out cheaper than the complete study package from Examkrackers. The only thing you’ll be missing is the sample exam. Personally though, getting the books faster was more important than having that one exam. Good luck in whatever you decide.