Nerdy Chemistry Joke

A Neutron walks into a bar, and orders a shot. He says,“Bartender! How much do I owe ya”? Bartender says, “For you, no charge”!

Hahahaha! NO CHARGE!! haha… neutron… no… charge… get it???

Da dum dum! (that was my impression at drums via keyboard).

A snail walks into a car dealership and asks the salesman, “Do you have a fast car in the lot?” The salesman replies, “We have several fast cars on the lot. Why do you need a car and a fast one also?” The snail says, "I’m sick and tired of everyone calling me a slowpoke; so, I need a fast car!

The salesman leads the snail over to a 240-Z and says, “This is one of our faster cars on the lot and…” The snail interrupted the salesman and said, “I’ll take it! But before I take it, could you do me a favor?” The salesman replied, “Whatever you want.” The snail asks, “Could you change the ‘Z’ in the ‘240-Z’ to an ‘S’? I want everyone to know that a snail is driving this car and that’s what the ‘S’ is for.”

So the snail drives off the car lot with a ‘240-S’ on the side of his new car. He gets on the highway and speeds up. He passes several cars and someone says, “Wow, look at that S-car-Go!”

Nice. I always appreciate the corny jokes.

Oh geeze, I had to say it outloud three times before I got it.

Blond moment.

Susan…It’s ok, you’ll get through this.

I had to say it outloud before I got it too…it’s contagious apparently…