Over the Thanksgiving break, I was introduced to neurofeedback. I’m currently in learning mode. I invite any feedback (har, har) on the topic. Here is what I’ve gleaned so far:

Good things:

  • It seems sound in principle.
  • It has produced good results, at least anecdotally.
  • There appear to be some studies confirming its efficacy.

Bad things:

  • It totally feels and tastes like a fringe thing, sort of a naturopathic vibe (apologies to naturopaths).
  • The lady I talked to, who was very friendly, seemed to have no deep understanding of how it worked; she just glued on the wires and started the program. I felt like I literally knew more than she did about the fundamentals of how things were supposed to work (as opposed to how to actually perform the treatments, which she does).
  • If it really is All That, why don't more docs prescribe neurofeedback as a treatment?
  • It seems to try to be all things to all people -- Cure autism! Help ADHD! Improve work performance! Get your love life in gear! Clean up that sink full of dishes!

On the balance, I'm cautiously optimistic, with the key word there being cautiously. If anyone has any insight into the topic, please respond. Thanks in advance.