New, 2nd Bach, Career Changer

Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I was a French teacher for three years and ignored my dreams of science since high school. My job was downsized and now I’m sitting at home. I’m married with a one year old, and I’m starting a second Bachelor’s in the spring, with the attempt of finishing it by the following spring (because they don’t make me take gen eds or courses I’ve already had)! I’m still not 100% med school is doable, but I’d love to try if possible. Oh, and my best friend is a 4th year and applying to residency right now.

Any advice appreciated!

If you already have a bachelor degree, you only need tontake the pre-reqs, not a second bachelor degree. It won’t gain you anything in the admissions process.

Yeah, but you can’t get federal loans to pay for a non-degree seeking program, and since it’s only about 7 classes more, why not? Plus, if I don’t get in immediately, I can teach bio for a year or two bc I’ll have an additional teaching license.

Actually, you can borrow for one academic year as a post-bacc. I believe you can borrow $10k (maybe it’s $10.5k?). They allow it for the purposes of prepping for grad school. You don’t have to be enrolled in a degree or certificate granting program, just enrolled at an accredited college/university. I did that for my first post-bacc year then got classified as a second degree student for the other two years I did.

Check into that, it’s been a while since I did it so I’m sketchy on the details. Good luck!

Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

I have a BA and an MBA. Currently I am completing my pre-reqs at a local community college. By adding a few more Biology courses I will actually graduate with dual Associate Degrees in Biological Sciences and Pre-Medical Studies. This was an additional option for me instead of pursuing a 2nd Bachelors. Cost was a huge issue for me since my community college courses are very inexpensive. Hope this helps!

nnylclaire is correct (I did my pre-reqs via that route). The amount is actually about $12,500. In any case, you can enroll as a degree seeking student for financial purposes, but it won’t matter to medical schools if you finish the degree or not. If you want the second degree, then by all means go for it, but you definitely don’t have to.

Thanks :slight_smile: Our local state U is only $3500 a semester for 12-16 credit hours, and since I only need four semesters, a whole degree will only be around $14000, and I’ll get some grants as well from our financial position. Plus since I’m taking off school for the glide year, I’d really like to have the degree to work as a lab tech or as a bio teacher. It’s one of those things - I literally will only be taking between 3 and 5 classes more to get the degree, so why not?