New and improved

Hi! I’m Kim and I’m a newbie! I’ve been going to school forever with a little life thrown in along the way. My husband and I just had our first son in June and hope to have many more kiddos. After having D I realized that I don’t ever want my kids to settle so why should I? I’ve wanted to be a doctor forever and I’ve finally decided to just dive right in and finish what I started years ago. I’m not really an “old” premed (27) but I am nontraditional so I hope it’s ok that I join you!

Congrats on life and on your decision to pursue medicine! If I can give a single bit of advice, enjoy the journey.

I see cloth diapers!

Sorry that was so random, but I get giddy when I see fluffy bums. It’s like I’ve found a kindred spirit.

Welcome. These members have been a wealth of information (and even a quick shake when I needed one). Best of luck on the journey.

We love cloth diapers in my family! Thanks for the welcome!