New and looking for help

Hello, everyone!

I am a new member and I would like to introduce myself. I am a 32 years old unmarried male, and no children at the moment. I am a certified math teacher who recently quitted teaching to pursue my long-term goal, medicine. I was a math major in college years ago and did poorly due to lack of guidance and motivation. However, med school was always in the back of my mind. As a lost college boy, I was believed that it was impossible for me to become a doc. After college, I started teaching, which I enjoy for a while. However, After 7 years, I realized that this wasn’t my calling. After becoming my mom’s primary care provider, after she failed sick, made me really reconsider medicine.

To get to the point, my undergrad gpa is pretty bad (2.6) after taking all those computer science, engineering and math classes (don’t know what I was think, lol). However, my post undergrad life is totally the opposite. I did a MS in math, (was paid for) where I earned a 3.8 GPA. Afterward, I took the following pre-med courses, Chem 2, Bio I & 2, Org I & 2, micro, anat, where I earned mostly A’s, and maybe 1 B. I took those courses at a community college, due to my work schedule. But, I did take the mcat and did poorly, 20N. With that score, I didn’t even bother apply to US school. I instead applied a Carib School, which I got accepted into. At the same time, I failed like I was rushing because I thought I was getting too old. Coming across this site promptly made realize otherwise. Also, seeing all those US MD/DO schools opening, make me decide to reassess my decision. I, however, concern about the possibility of getting delayed for two years if I decide to stay in the US.

Now, let’s say that I am convinced that I should stay. The following will be my outline plan, as I am looking for some constructive criticisms, advices and suggestions from my fellow OPMers. For this fall term, I will attend the local university, where I will be taking Biochem, Genetics, re-take physics one and maybe physio, hope those courses will help for the mcat. I will then take the whole spring term, while taking physics 2, to study for the MCAT. I will then be taking the mcat on april 2011 in order to apply to the 2012 cycle. Does this sound reasonable? Do you guys think that would be enough time to study and get a 30+ to make up for my poor undergrad GPA? I am also looking for some suggestions for improving Verbal, since I have a long way to go before the test, my weakest area. Critical thinking is another flaw that I have. How do I improve it? English is also not my first language. Although I feel like I don’t have problems comprehend the passages, when it comes time to answer those questions, I always find myself having difficulties choosing the right answer.

Oh wait! I am also a URM… don’t know if it would make any diff.

Sorry for such a long post. Please help!