new car

I am the VERY excited owner of a 2003 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro and lemme tell ya it is one hot little car! This adventure started when I came to the conclusion that my “$30,000 stereo” (husband’s term for my 1997 Grand Caravan with the 10-speaker Infinity sound system) was on its last legs at 120,000 miles and a front end problem that was sure to cost as much as the thing was worth.
Plus I am not a soccer (uh, skating) mom any more, so the van was SO last year.
Anyway, I started researching AWD vehicles since I gotta get to work no matter what, and quickly realized that my heart just wasn’t into the little SUVs although I think my husband’s RAV-4 is nice. But I stumbled across this Audi and it was love at first sight. I have never decided so quickly to buy a vehicle!!! It would be hotter if it was the manual 5-speed version but since I’ll only be driving it in urban settings, and since I have somewhat unpredictable neuromuscular function, I got the automatic… (sigh) But I still found myself going 80mph when I pulled around a truck this morning <cough!>. I see speeding tickets in my future… well at least it’s not red.
Oh and this is my 50th birthday present hee hee. For my 51st birthday I’ll have to upgrade the sound system.
BTW my credit score, despite the $151K, was a respectable 730 and I had no trouble getting financing on my resident’s salary even though my jointly-owned credit card and mortgage debts were part of the report. I found that interesting.
Happy (almost) Birthday To Me!

Hey Mary,
I rode in your van. It was pretty nice. I really miss our days of margaritas in Wheaton. Now you can park with the attendings and no one will know the difference. Congratulations and an early Happy Birfday!

Happy Birthday and enjoy that new car, even without the stereo system. Maybe you could transplant your old system into your new car? I love driving fast also; avoiding red was a good choice!


BTW my credit score, despite the $151K, was a respectable 730 …

Hmmmm re-reading that it’s a little inscrutable. Needless to say the freaking CAR was not $151K!!! No, that’s my student loan debt from medical school. There it was, buried in amidst the Discover Card and other mundane things. I think the dealership financier was confused when I said, “Oh, that’s my student loan,” although I am pretty sure my occupation was on the application somewhere.
And the car is still great.

Howdy Mary!
Happy Birthday!
I’m a little biased about this since my dad is a car dealer, but I’ve always thought buying a new car is one of life’s great pleasures.
Enjoy that new car smell!
Take care,

Happy Birthday!! What a great gift to yourself. Maybe I can afford the same for my 50th!!