New Experience

I suppose this is the perfect example of why you should never say never. I said I would never teach, and will be starting a part time teaching position in April at Richland College for the Allied Health Students. My class will be on human disease and my students future medical assistants, phlebotomists, coders, etc. The pay was equal to my home health nursing (which I will continue part time) and I thought the experience would be good for medical school and for whatever else might come up in the future. Guess who will copy my tests, syllubi, etc? My hubby, Mo! He’s the administrative assistant for the department. This will be interesting.

Congrats Kathy! Ever thought you’d enter the world of academia? You are correct in that I think this career track, even if it is not permanent, can only help your application.
Does this mean that your return to AR is indefinitely postponed?