New from st.Pete??s about LECOM


hello, I saw you were in St.Pete and are attending LECOM. I to am from the St.Pete area(Seminole)and would like to attend a DO program.

I still have all prereqs to fulfill and will probably be getting them at SPC. I graduated from UF in 05 as a non-trad student (3.28 Exercise Science) at that point I never even considered med school. However, in my current job I call on Dr.'s, observe surgeries, and fit their patients with splints. Observing surgeries really piqued my interest in medicine like I never thought it would. I feel compelled to get into med school.How far are you in the program and can you give me some feedback on how you got in, where you did prereqs, ya know, what’s your story.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Just a brief note of encouragement - you can read my story more in diaries – It really can work. And I personnally am delighted I ended up at an Osteopathic school (UNECOM) It has been a major effort - but so far well worth it. good luck on your quest. BTW - your background in exercise phys is a lot more appropriate than anything I did. …


Thanks for the encouragment, I have talked with a couple of admissions advisors from DO schools. They were VERY supportive of my goal, after explaining my family situation to them they said I could fulfill my prereqs at an accredited small college. So I will start next week with Chem 1 and the lab. I will still need to work full time for this semester and spring semester but after that I will go to part time and full time student status. Anyway thanks again and I will look up your diary story and get back with you. Have a good one.



Sorry I’ve slacked off tremendously… Life is interesting… I’ll just leave it at that.

I’m down in Bradenton, as you know… at LECOM-B.

Feel free to ask me anything you like…


How are you doing, adennis? Haven’t heard from you but it looks like you came through your first semester. I live here in B’ton and LECOM-B is my first choice once it comes for me to apply.

Looking forward to hearing from you!