New - Hello All!

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I have been reading the forum for the past few days and am totally enjoying the interaction and information!
Personal: 2x divorced (oiy) single mother of 9yr old girl, BS in Social Sciences, high student loan debt, recently lost 80lbs of fat/competed in my first bodybuilding show and am currently working in legal.
I am currently studying for my ACE Fitness certification and will begin preqreqs in the fall. I started out premed in college however that was a while ago and I need to repeat/improve my science grades. I loafed while in school and could not ‘see’ 10 years out, to the end of the MD route, and still have trouble seeing it sometimes. I look forward to resuming the path toward my life’s goal.

Hi and welcome! Sounds like you are a busy lady (I know how that goes!). I hope you like it at OPM.

Thanks! busy keeps me out of trouble

Welcome to OPM! You sound very busy! BTW, I think I ‘found’ some of that 80 pounds you lost!

too funny … there’s this certain 5 to 10lbs that I cannot seem to shake

Hi and welcome to OPM! Way to go on those 80 pounds. I know from experience that that’s no easy task!

Welcome! Good luck. btw I took the rest of the pounds Kathy didn’t. Bill


btw I took the rest of the pounds Kathy didn’t. Bill

no one should find them