New here, 44, and some general ??

So thankful I was pointed to this site and for all of you so willingly to help us!

My questions:

CC or Univ? Will it matter?

I’m a graduate of the University of Minnesota, non science degree but technically focused. I can easily re-enroll at the U of MN in all undergraduate courses needed for prep on the MCAT (and to show a completely different life from that of 25+ years ago).

Full-time, or part-time (8 crs vs. 12)?

A minor piece of history: I partied a lot as a pre-med 26 years ago. College was a blast from what I can remember. I never took tests, turned little homework in, was told I was too bright to be such an underachiever. As such, my grades are worse than skunk “perfume” on a cold winter night. Hence, my interest in strengthening my credentials type questions.

My age doesn’t phase me. My past does.


And yes, I’m looking at hiring an assistant for this process.

Thank you!

Welcome. I just got done with a major chunk of my pre-reqs from the U so let me know if you go that route and need advice on classes and instructors.

CC or Univ. has been beaten to death on these forums. If you do a rudimentary search you’ll get a ton of info.

Also, about your past - that too has been discussed ad nauseaum on these forums. Patience and some searches will yield information galore.

In a nutshell, the burden of showing that you have turned a new leaf is on you. If you can do that it should be no problem.

I think a very inspirational thread to look at is this post by GED2MD who is now a practicing surgeon - HS dropout to surgeon.

Finally, you don’t need an assistant - save the money for the med school - they’ll be sucking you dry as it is!

Good luck.

I’m looking at biol and chem winter semester…

and I would very much appreciate any insight to teachers, courses, etc.


Do check out my “masterpiece”: Richard Rules:…

Of course best of luck and remember we are all in this together!