New Here, Intro and question

Hi All. So glad I found this site! I am 40 years old, have a BSc. Degree from 1992. I have been wanting/thinking of doing this for some time now and here I am ready to embark on this adventure! I am registering for the January term for my first of 2 semesters of Prerequisite courses.

January Semester:

Chem 1, Bio 1 (phys. and anatomy), and Physics. (my Bio courses were plant based during my BSc degree)

May semester: Chem 2, 2nd Biology course, and one other course.

Questions for you:

Is Chem 1 easier than Organic Chem? (I have organic chem from my BSc degree)Organic chem was a nightmare for me! (I hear that some of the schools dont let people do organic chem without Chem 1 and 2…is this true?) I’m a bit nervous about Chem 1 because I only have organic chem from my university days…I have the grade 11 and 12 chem books and am getting brushed up on my chem all fall before term starts in January.

Thats about it for now…thanks for the feedback!

IMHO gen chem I was WAYYY easier than O-Chem. That being said, there is a lot more algebra in gen chem than o-chem, so the more you can do to brush up and be solid in your algebra skills prior to taking on gen chem the better your semester will go.

perfect! Thanks for this…I was also going to brush up on algebra, but feel pretty good about algebra…


I wouldn’t say that OChem is that easier than GChem. GChem is a lot of algebra, OChem is a lot of memorization. They might require different “learning styles”.

But both are very doable and I personally didn’t think it was hard to get an A (thus far). All you have to do is work hard and make sure you get it.

comparing o-chem to gen chem is like comparing apples to oranges… ill echo what redo-it-all said… o-chem is mainly memorization, 99% of it is. The 1% belongs to the Spectroscopy section…

Gen chem is a heck of a lot of algebra, which actually posed a bit of a problem for me because math was not my strong subject. It just all depends on what your stronger suit is.

Gen chem and O-chem are completely different, as previous posters stated. O-chem is a lot of memorization but I enjoyed it much more than gen chem because it also involves using your intuition. Plus you get to build things and rotate things in 3D in your mind (great stuff for us visual learners!). Gen chem is the tedious, nitty-gritty details. I’ve generally noticed that people that enjoy gen chem don’t like orgo, and vice versa.