New here - Intro

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to put out a little tidbit about myself and say “hi.”

I started out in the med field after high school as an Army medic for 5 years. Loved it, but wanted to move more into the surgical realm so I continued on as a surgical tech. I worked for 5 more years doing mostly ortho and ob/gyn. I had thought about continuing on to either nursing or med school, but about that time I went through a messy divorce and kind of revamped everything my life was about, to include my career progression plans.

I went back to school and picked a major as far removed from anything medical as I could get and joined Air Force ROTC (I was slated to graduate this May and be a Comms officer.). However, I was diagnosed with asthma last year and was finally told that I wouldn’t, if fact, be commissioning. The funny thing is…I was kind of relieved, if that makes sense. I found that I still miss the medical field terribly and haven’t truly “gotten into” what I’m studying; almost like what I chose was a knee-jerk reaction to my divorce.

I was really debating on whether to follow the RN–>CRNA route or just go straight med school and try to match with an anesthesia residency; I was mostly concerned about my age and the amount of time I would be in school. Then I stumbled upon this site!! (My favorite motivation from here, by the way…someone posted, “Well, I’m going to be (add age here; in my case, 44) anyway!”)

SO, I’ve had a couple chats with a premed advisor and am currently in the process of adding MCD Bio to my Geog major and will start prereqs in the fall. It feels…right. Like I made a (big) detour, but am finally back on a path that makes me happy.

And, that’s me. Looking forward to chatting with everyone here and tackling the hell that is O-chem in the fall…



Welcome to the site. I think, no I know you will enjoy it here, very supportive enviroment!


I was an Army SIgnal officer in my pervious life. If you are still interested in being in the military, there may be options. I have asthma (mild intermittent) and both the Army and Air gave me medical waivers. I attended medical school on an Air Force Health Professions scholarship (I didn’t even know they existed when I left the Army). Just thought I’d mention it. Good luck on your journey!!


Welcome Sleeping June! This site is very supportive…just read all the inspiration around you!

Hi Daze =) Mars could be fun…never know…definitely interesting to say you’ve at least been there. I’ve actually found a book called “The Nuts and Bolts of Organic Chemistry.” The reviews I’ve read on Amazon are really good…they say the author (a chem professor) breaks down o-chem into learning new methods and ways of thinking as opposed to rote memorization. I’m actually kind of excited to read it!

Tec - Thanks for the info! I’m 99% sure I’m pretty content to stay here in CO as much as I can though. I have crazy wild fantasies of staying on with CU med (or even going somewhere else for med then coming back here.). Are you still Air Force?