New here

Hi, just introducing myself and to say thanks for the group and if anyone wants to email another Missourian with advice please feel free to do so.

Welcome to OPM! I am no longer a Missourian, but I did attend medical school in Kirksville, MO. We hope/plan to return to No-MO, So-IA region after completion of my training.

Welcome Doug. I, too, was a born and bred Missourian, but now reside in Pennsylvania. If you have any questions about any of the premed or medical school issues, please feel free to post them here. I am sure if you search the archives you can find a lot of useful information. BUT, that said, we always LOVE getting more involvement and more questions.

Again, welcome!!



Welcome to OldPreMeds! I am also not from Missouri but wanted to welcome you to the greatest bunch of people you could ever meet! Feel free to ask any specific questions and someone will answer.


Missouri? Somewhere west of the Hudson River, I believe. Well, I am from New York City and we have a warped geographic map of the US and a warped sense of humor. Welcome aboard.

No kidding…people down here in Florida are still trying to figure me out!