New Here

Hello all! I am a RN aspiring to be a MD, and I am new to the forum. I can’t wait to start the process and have many engaging conversations with all of you.


Welcome to the board. Great to have you here! What made you decide to make the switch? How long have you been an RN?

Thanks! I’ve only been a nurse for about six months (I’m 21). Initially, I was supposed to do pre-med with the intention of attending med school, but during my first semester, due to some personal issues, I switched my major to nursing. I enjoy nursing and the emotional aspects of it, but I am not fully satisfied, as I am always desiring to know more and trying to find out more. I certainly didn’t go to nursing school with the intent to switch as I had planned on just getting an advanced practice degree in nursing, but on my unit I work really close with the NPs and it doesn’t seem like a position I would enjoy. With that said, I am now on the journey to my original plan. Thanks for welcoming me!

Welcome to OPM