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Hey all,
I am new to the site and very happy I found it. Before finding it I was tormented by self doubt. After years of deliberation I have finally decided to finish my prereqs and apply to med school.
Background: I am an Emory law grad, practicing attorney and adjunct professor at a local university. While I mostly enjoy practicing law I have come to the conclusion that it will not be my life's work. I am relatively young: 30 years old and married. At first my wife, also an attorney, was not having this idea. The big D word floated around. I was devastated-what a difficult choice. Things, however, seem to be getting better. She has opened up to the idea a bit.
Man it is good to hear all of your stories. Though I did well in college and law school, I have some serious doubts about my ability to work, teach and do well in the classes. Plus, the only school offering them at night(when I can take them) is a two year school. My little sister, a high school student, is my greatest inspiration. She constantly tells me that I can make the grade. She is taking organic in H.S. and getting an A.
When I was younger I never thought I could do the work necessary to get into Med school (ie…never been a wiz at math). I have been running from my dream since college. In law I have done wonderful things-two U.S. Supreme Court victories. Funny how life can break you down.
Anyway-sorry to ramble
Appreciate any advice or insight!

Welcome from another new member!



You'll find lots of good people and good info here. IF you ever have a question about this (sometimes nutty) process of becoming and being a doctor, post it here…it's very likely you'll get responses.
And, if you liked Emory the first time around, you've got a great alma mater to apply to. Plus others!
Since I started the premeds, I've met or have heard of so many non-tradtional med students, residents, and doctors. The chairman of our hospital's maternal-fetal dept. was a sign designer, a psychaitrist that belongs to our community pool was a dancer on Broadway, my brother's friend from college was a teacher and part-time pipe organ tunist/repair person; he's now in residency at Columbia. The list goes on and you'll probably be able to add yourself to that list if you do the work. Good luck

Welcome to the club Ciffo!

Thank you to all who took the time to reply.
I value your guidance and appreciate your warm greetings.
I hope to stick this out and be around here for a long time.

Wow, another one. I practiced law for 7 years and couldn’t stand it. Right now I work as a legal editor for a “major legal publishing company.” I don’t mind this job but the pay is very sad.
Will I go to med school? The key is money. If I had the chance, I would do it no questions asked. When people ask me why I went to law school, I always say that it’s because I didn’t do well enough in chem to go to med school. I mean that only half-jokingly. Now that I look back, I think my decision to pursue law was based on "well, I might as well try it."
Good luck with your pursuit.

Thanks to all for the support an kindness!
Without you I would be living my dreams from behind the moon!