New introduction and a quick question about post bach

Hi everyone, I have been lurking around for awhile but I thought today would introduce myself. I am 34 and a single mom. I finally got my act together and finished my bachelors degree this July and now I am looking for a post-bach program.

I think this a great site because I definitely have no idea what I am doing or how to get to med school.

The one thing I do have a question about is the linkage program. I live in the DC area and we have one post back program that is a linkage one, but my concern is that how likely is it for me to be picked up my a med school and I am still completing my basic requirements? Or how many students are able to actually by pass the glide year. Any thoughts?

You may have already been here:

But if not, search for DC and follow each of the links. They have summary stats of how many people applied/got accepted out of each program. Linked postbac programs aren’t a sure thing. You’ll need to do well in them as well on the MCAT. Throw in a little clinical experience and volunteer work and you’ve got just as good a chance as anyone! Good luck.