New kid on the block!

Hello everyone,

My name is Emerald and I am a representative of Advanced Colleges of America (ACA), a California approved hybrid-online college that offers various medical career bridge programs to pre-health students, pre-meds, and medical graduates.

I’m here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask me questions!

Very interesting. It’s great that you are CA-approved by the BPPE. However, what about WASC accreditation? Please post information about that because it is important for pre-med courses.

Hi everyone,

Our programs are designed to compliment pre-med coursework and experiences, not supplement them.

WASC is a regional accreditation body that doesn’t quite suit the programs we currently offer. We may consider WASC accreditation in the near future if we decide to expand the types of programs that we offer.

Our college is currently working towards obtaining ABHES accreditation, which is a nationally recognized Accrediting Bureau for Health Education Schools. This accrediting body is currently more suitable considering our programs are purely healthcare focused, and it accommodates the fact that our programs are offered nationwide.