New Member--Greetings

Good Day,

I’m new to the group and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Michelle, I found this group while researching DO schools. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a group in existence. I breathed a sigh of relief and joined immediately. I even joined the facebook fan page.

My love for medicine started back in elementary school after a career day presentation by a physician. I knew I wanted to be a physician. Well, I did the typical thing, went to college, enrolled as Pre-Med took courses, graduated and did not follow through with applying due to fear–fear of success. I know crazy. However, after getting a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, I thought this was the end of my craving to help people. I was wrong, after working for years in a job helping people, my love for medicine did not die. So, I decided this year to pursue my dream of becoming a physician.

I think after all the experience I’ve gained and overcome the fear I’m now ready to become a DO. I need help–I welcome any advise, encouraging words and shared experiences. I believe becoming involved in this organization will ensure that I have all my steps covered while I take this BIG leap of FAITH!!!

I’m looking forward to meeting you. I have so much more to share.


Welcome to the group! And congrats on making the move forward. Your experiences with people will be invaluable as you navigate this process and will give you a leg up on the “youngsters” you’ll work with throughout the process.

Here are some things you should be thinking about if you haven’t already:

  1. Have you determined where you’re at on the academic side of things? In other words, are you planning on retaking all the pre-reqs, some pre-reqs, no pre-reqs, etc.?

  2. Is your GPA in a solid place for applying or will you need to do some additional upper level bio coursework to show you’ve got what it takes to be in med school?

  3. Thought about when you’ll want to be taking the MCAT and how prep is going to work for that?

  4. Gotten involved in volunteering, medical and otherwise?

  5. Discussed this decision with your family to chat about how this affects everyone?

  6. CELEBRATED!!! This is an incredible process with LOTS of ups and downs (at least has been for me!). Celebrate the little things along the way!!

    Many, MANY well wishes for your journey. Please keep us posted.