New member here

Hello, Just wanted to introduce myself.
Quick Bio: Melanie, 30, NC resident, prior 6 yr Active Duty AF medic, 7 year critical care RN, currently prepping with Kaplan for April 04 Mcat. GPA bit low: Science 3.2, Nonscience 3.0 Lots of anxiety. Shadowed a DO in Jersey. He was awesome. I have the upmost respect for the DO profession. I look forward to this uphill journey to try and get into DO school. I would be so honored to be a part of your profession. Thank you for having this website. Nontraditional apps like myself need the encouragement.

You are most welcome! Those of us who have nurtured this organization from its literal infancy definitely appreciate your comments.
I wish you the best of luck!
By the way, who was the DO in NJ? I know several there.

Dr. Clifford Botwin- in Bayonne with the Associated Ortho. I believe he has an office in Union City as well. He was kind enough to allow me to shadow him for a day in early December 03.