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Hello All!
I thought I would just lurk for a while, but I find myself compelled to introduce myself. I am so very inspired by all that I have read. I have done a pretty good job of giving myself all of the reasons why I could never become a doctor at my age. You all are taking my excuses away! Thank you!
I’m starting from the very bottom rung. I graduated high school in 1983 (not very good grades-- lazy or something), wasn’t interested in college then (immature? confused? ADD?). But, of course, I had to do something, so I enlisted in the Army. Did my time, got married, lots of pregnancies (5 births) and have been a homeschooling, attachment parenting, Army wife ever since (okay, my husband retired from the Army Jan 2001 and is in his second career). I haven’t taken a single course at any college or university, but I have learned a lot over these years as career mom – mostly about myself. I do not regret the years I have spent taking care of my family (and will continue to spend… baby is 5… fyi, the others are 18, 16, 10, & 7, boy, boy, girl, girl, girl). I definitely know about sleep deprived and stamina, so I figure I’m pre-qualified for some of this journey!
I think I had a lot of trouble believing that I was “smart enough” to do anything as intense as medicine, but I now realize that *1) I am sure I am smart enough, and *2) if I’m wrong, I won’t make it, but will have the satisfaction of going for it. My husband is very supportive and teases me about his second retirement … when I’m bringin’ home the bacon. He’s dreaming about his Jag right now…
I am going to be a frequent visitor of this site to learn, learn, learn about what I need to do when and how and to get huge doses of support for the times of frustration or self-doubt. I’ve already learned quite a bit and I am thrilled to have found this group. I never would have imagined that I would have found a place that made me feel like I wasn’t nuts for doing this. THANK YOU!!

Hi there! I am also prior military (Army) and married to a soldier with two children. I also started undergrad for the first time when my children were older, and I am now applying to medical school. It can be done so do not let anyone discourage you, just take it slow and easy and enjoy the journey. Good luck to you.

Anybody that can practice AP on 5 kids and homeschool definitely has the stamina to be a doc-that's for sure!
I've practiced AP with my kids since birth… although a little less as they have gotten older.
We frequently give ourselves less credit than we deserve… that's why we need each other to help us build ourselves up.
Take care and Welcome again!

Welcome Sue,
I’m glad that you have found your way to OPM and congratulations on deciding that medicine is for you! You no doubt have a lot of work ahead of you but I also feel like you have some big plusses on your side. First, it sounds like you have a very supportive family. Second, since you are starting from the ground floor in regards to school, you can make sure and do it right from the start and won’t have to atone for any “sins” of your youth.

Hey, Sue!
I’m an AP mom, too! My kids are 6 and 17 months. smile.gif


Welcome to OPM! I wish you luck on your journey in medicine. People on these boards are very supportive.

I commend you on your decision to take this journey! Congratulations! I am graduating in May of 2004 with a BA in Business Management. I am 38 years old and 2 weeks and 4 days away from being a grandmommy! But I am going to do my best to do this. I will be cheering you on all the way.
If you ever just want someone to vent to…or some one to cheer with just send me a line.
I wish you the best!

You are very inspiring.
You can do this if you have done AP and homeschooling. And even better you do not have bad grades to make up for…just a solid track record of family commitment.

Do not give up!