New Member Saying Hello

Howdy All,

I come from a forum where introduction threads illicit calls for a ban, so this is new for me

I’m a 2005 graduate from the Univ. of Maryland’s Smith Business School. I had a whopping 3.352 cumulative GPA and graduated with an honors citation for completing their Honors program. Since graduation I’ve traveled a good bit (I’m heading down to Jamaica for June to visit my gf and help her with some volunteer work. She’s been doing good deeds down there since August 2007), worked as a consultant in both the private sector and federal government, volunteered in my local ED, and worked as a volunteer EMT with Montgomery County Fire Rescue.

Unfortunately it took me until after I graduate with my Logistics degree to figure out that I want to heal people for a living, but I guess it’s better late than never. I’ve re-enrolled at Maryland for the fall semester and will be taking Chem 1, Physics 1, and Bio 1. It’s going to be a long ~2 year road, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve already planned out all of my classes

I hope that I can make myself a competitive applicant for medical school. I would absolutely love to go to Maryland’s medical school. They have arguably the best trauma center in the country in Baltimore, and EM is what I’m leaning toward right now, though I am not going to pigeonhole myself this early.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I’m sure I will have a million questions over the next couple of years, so this won’t be the last you’ll hear from me. I look forward getting to know all of you. Hopefully, in the future, it will be me replying to threads like this with juicy nuggets of wisdom. Until then, Peace!

P.S. Feel free to offer some bits of encouragement, as the thought of taking out college loans is an extremely daunting prospect for me

Welcome, Donut. You’re among friends. I, too, got my BS in 2005, and I have worked in EMS for 13 years. (I’m a Critical Care Paramedic.) Though I’m from Oklahoma, I have similar thoughts about UMaryland, and it’s on my final list for applications.

I am closing the books on my post-bacc and applying this summer, so I’d like to offer a couple of remarks. First, if you are ready to go all the way, don’t worry about the loans too much. Dr. Techno will be able to afford the payments. Second, consider looking at post-bacc as a mere launching pad on the space odyssey that is medical education. No doubt you are in for a long road, but this is just the beginning.

You are going to be working to convince admissions boards that you can study with the nation’s elite. So, keep in mind that pre-med science courses demand something a little different than your logistics studies. Strap in and hold on. Maybe we’ll cross paths in Baltimore.

Howdy Techno and welcome!

I’m also a 2005 graduate with a business degree. You can definitely make yourself a competitive applicant. Talk to UM’s medical school’s advisor. Find out first hand what they are looking for. Get involved.

Sounds like you are on the right track. Good luck and again, welcome!

**Although I cannot attend, nor have I attended the OPM Conference, since you are so close, you should check it out.

Welcome, Techno! Nice to have you here.

Thanks, all!

I would love to attend the OPM conference. However, I am going to be in Jamaica helping out the woman and, of course, spending some quality time with her (giggidy).

I have already met with Maryland’s pre-med advisors, and they blessed the proposed schedule I drew up for the next two years. Also, I am meeting today with an assistant Dean in Life Sciences to get my major changed to Biology. If I don’t declare a degree, I’ll never be able to register for the classes I need.

Thanks for the kind words and advice.