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Hi everyone,

I just registered to become a member here. Currently, I’m about to wrap up my bachelor’s degree. After that, I will be looking into completing my own postbacc. Being a non-traditional student at age 29, I have a lot of questions. I have been on Student Doctor for quite awhile, and while some members have been extremely helpful, some have been really insulting and rude towards me. I’m hoping that I might be in a better group by coming onto a site like this. I am married with 3 children, ages 9, 6, and 3. Since I am a mother, I am of course having doubts about medical school. I just want to be a great mother but also want to be a doctor. I’m sure other parents, especially mothers, have a difficult time with making this decision. Anyway, I am glad I registered here. Thanks!

Welcome! I’m a parent as well, and we’re making it work in med school. I have a few classmates with children as well, and they all seem to find a way to make things work as well. You can do it. I think you’ll find this forum much less judgemental than SDN, though maybe not as active.

Hello i am new in this forum, hope great discussion ahead.

Hi, welcome. I am new here as well :slight_smile: best of luck with everything. I have not joined SDN but have witnessed some harsh treatment of others so I steer clear.

When I started medics schoo I had three kids, and when I finished I had four. It’s hard but doable