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Hello Everyone,

First of all, I wanted to say how encouraging this website has been to me over the past few weeks as I prepare for the MCAT. It feels as though I am going it alone at times, and I have been very pleased to read some of the personal stories.

I have seen vast improvement in my practice exam scores after heeding adam’s advice to view the MCAT from a different perspective. It really IS all about mindset. Having said that, I am still about 5 points away from where I want to be. And the exam is in TWO WEEKS. Am I a complete fool for considering taking it NOW?

My Background: I studied for three years at a Bible school in Hawaii, under the impression that my credits would transfer to another institution. I soon came to find that this was NOT the case and had to start from zero in 2007. I have since earned an AS in Biology at a community college and then transfered to the University of Montana last year majoring in Human Biological Science. Though my AA in Biblical studies does not contribute to my credit per se, I feel that it was a great experience and has contributed to who I am today. My grades have been reasonable, all A’s except for B’s in Calc, Gen Chem II, Physics lab (grr), and Gen Micro. I took Physics, Micro, and Anatomy & Physiology this year and was hoping that these would help me on the MCAT. I know that the basic knowledge is in there, it is just a matter of performing under pressure on the 17th.

Has anyone taken the exam and then “voided” their test at the end of it? It seems to me that usually one leaves feeling a bit beaten, even if they did well so I am thinking I am just going to give it a shot and see if I can perform on the day.

Any thoughts or advice are welcome, again, great website!

Hello and welcome. You are among kindred spirits.

It seems as though you are preparing well for the MCAT. My question to you is, do you really want to prolong taking the MCAT for just 3 points? Did you take any of the AAMC tests that they offer on their website?

my other question for you would be, why would you want to void an exam that you just spent months studying for?

Good luck.

Ditto Gabelerman. We could help more if you posted your results from your practice exams. What type of med. school do you want to attend (DO or MD)?

Latest practice score was 24. MD school.

You make a good point gabelerman! I’ll be taking another FL practice tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Seems to me that you’ve got some decent amount of studying time left. You don’t need to tackle the retaking question until you see what your score will is. The practice tests will help give you an idea, however other factors will influence, including if you get test anxiety (I always score much better on the practice exams than on the real thing–this is something I know will happen so need to keep my expectations in line when I’m getting my results.)

Generally, schools look at an applicant’s entire package in making a decision. That being said, a 24 on the MCAT will be very low for MD schools–not impossible to get accepted, but this score will be in the very bottom of the accepted pool overall. However, again, you’ve still got 2 weeks. That’s a lot of study time remaining. I wouldn’t throw the towel in at this time if it were me. Stay focused in the studying, determine what areas are weak and what you can realistically do to improve those areas in a way beneficial for the exam, and take as many practice exams as you can fit in.

I think a good portion of people feel they have done terribly at the end of the MCAT day. I would very much caution you when considering voiding the test.

Thanks for the input MD2B, I took another practice today and got a 25. Still not where I need to be but 1 point improvement is better than no improvement. It seems my weakness is in the biological sciences section. VR is the easiest (scored 11 today). It seems a little strange that I score so poorly in BS given my college major and the fact that I do very well in upper division science courses. Anyway, back to the books for me! I am going to hit it hard this week.