NEW NAME for the burned out one

Hello Everyone.
I really felt that I wasn’t doing myself any favors by continuing to be known here as “burnedoutmd”. So, I am here as “CaliMD” -
(the powers here should please delete my other account for me!)
-I still haven’t found the answers for myself but will gratefully appreciate getting to be a member here…
BTW, MD/PhD: I greatly enjoyed reading your discussion of MRI physics on another post. Just this Monday, I spent my morning in the magnetic tube for the 5th time (!) over the past 15 mos!

Happy to see the new name! wink.gif

Yo, Cali, I am glad to see the name change.
As for MRI physics, I have had a few myself and damn they do get tedious don't they? Why does everyone worry about claustrophobia but forget to mention that you'll feel like you're inside a metal trashcan while someone hammers on the lid?
Feeling a little petulant here, and jealous that my husband and daughter get the day off tomorrow, courtesy of Hurricane Isabel, but I have to go to work anyway…

Great description of the sound effects, Mary! And, don't forget that would be jackhammering!
Being a left coaster, I've never faced dealing with hurricanes. Frankly, they scare me! Earthquakes - no fear here, however! Hey, we survived living at the epicenter of the 1994 Northridge (CA) earthquake. The house was trashed; the countless aftershocks went on for several months but that was nothing like my husband's relatives in Homestead, Florida having their housing development blown to destruction by Hurricane Andrew.
So, what do you all think? hurricane or earthquake?

Hurricane. You can see one coming from miles away. An earthquake sneaks up on you.
Susan - Chicago/Minneapolis

I live in the Pacific Northwest so we really don't get any of the bad weather. We do get lots of rain at times so we are more prone to flooding and mudslides. As for earthquakes we have had a few minor rumblers here and they can be pretty scarey! They have not been close to the magnitude of those in CA. Oh yeah and sometimes we get nasty windstorms when the winds blow from the east out of the Columbia Gorge, but that hasn't happened for quite a few years.
That reminds me. A friend I talk to on AIM lives in CA and a couple weeks ago we were just talking when all of a sudden she types earthquake then she kept right on talking to me. She said it was a baby one. But she barely reacted to it. LOL
Please be safe to all those in the path of the hurricane.

Hurricane. Like someone said, you see them coming.
It's funny though, I grew up on Long Island (where we got hit by many hurricanes) and San Francisco and there were people I knew in NY who were scared of California because of all the earthquakes. I was quick to point out to some that Andrew did more damage than any of the earthquakes.
Georgetown's classes are cancelled today and it looks like Isabel will hit us hard tomorrow morning so it looks like Friday's classes will be cancelled, too. This sucks because then I get to take my orgo and physics exams both on Monday.
Wish me luck.
(where in Ca did you say you are?)

Lived in Palo Alto, been in 3 earthquakes there. One made the concrete floor ripple like water and my husband and I kept watching tv!!
Like others said, you can see a hurricane coming. I don't miss the quakes!

Nice name change CaliMD… smile.gif
I’ve got today and tomorrow off due to isabel, which is nice because I can always use the extra study time.
I grew up in the midwest where tornados rule, I’ll take a hurricane any day

Growing up in Nebraska and living in Minnesota many years I witnessed many tornadoes. Usually you see them coming too (we lived on a hill with a great view of the southwest) but if you're out driving on the highway it's not always clear whether you can outdrive it & it can be pretty scary! But when we were kids we just thought it was exciting. I can still remember my mom yelling at us to get in the house while we waited till the last possible minute watching it approach.
Just talked to my sister who lives in No Virginia on the phone and she was frantically searching for flashlights to take over to her elderly & frail mother-in-law's house. I hope it won't be as bad as it sounds. Take care everyone who's there!

one thing I’ll say for growing up and living in earthquake country - because you cannot see them coming, either seasonally or on the weather channel - if you are smart (or a. retentive & paranoid smile.gif ) you are always prepared with flashlights, radio, batteries, lights, food, water, clothes, medications, rescue equip (rope, masks, etc) – in your car, at home and at work. And you have a system in your family of who to call to check in with that lives out of the area - local exchanges tend to get overloaded in an emergency, but you can usually call out of the area on a cell or pay phone.
Best of luck to you East coasters with the hurricane. And to those in earthquake zones- do you have your hard-soled shoes by the bed and your walking shoes in your trunk?

Hi there,
There is nothing like 24+ hours of Trauma Surgery for getting you through the hurricane. We went on generator power early ( I was in the bathroom with only my penlight), no AC and the folks in the only CT scanner telling me that I could have one scan for a critically ill trauma because three scans (head, chest, abdomen and pelvis) would heat the thing too much and shut it down. Never mind that I had two critically ill patients at the same time.
When I came into the hospital it was dark and dry, when I left the hospital 50 hours later, it was dark and dry. Lot’s more leaves on the ground though. I guess there was a hurricane around here but I spent most of the time huddled over a patient under the emergency lights in rooms that didn’t have windows. Heard the rain but didn’t see much of it.
Had more than my share of folks come in DOA sad.gif
Mary: Your description of MRI is right on!!
A dry survivor of Hurricane Isabel

I’m originally from Miami, and Hurricane Andrew was the worst natural disaster I’ve ever experienced. I feel lucky up here in VA that I only lost power for about 12 hours (as opposed to 3 weeks in Miami)!. Since I had two days off work, I worked an extra volunteer shift at the hospital on Fri. Like Natalie in Fairfax, we were on generator power too–lights but no AC, and you couldn’t drink the water, wash your hands, or flush the toilet. I have the utmost respect for anybody who has to work during extreme circumstances caused my natural disasters. I thought our doctors, nurses, etc. handled themselves beautifully. It makes you appreciate what you have. Just think what medical professionals have to do in some other countries: They work under these conditions every day! And worse–some have to deal with bombs flying overhead.
As to which I prefer, earthquakes or hurricanes, I don’t know. I’ve never experienced an earthquake or a tornado. I think they’re all equally bad. unsure.gif
P.S. At least my first math test was cancelled. tongue.gif
One more thing: CaliMD, I’m glad you now have a more positive name. I was really worried about you from your previous posts. I hope things are better now.