New non-trad

Hello everyone,this forum was a lucky find.

Im 26,27 in october and starting my first year of college in 2 weeks.Married for 2 years october 31st to a wonderful woman that is supporting my major life change of being a doctor.

For the last 10 years ive been in retail getting paid less than 10.00 an hour woohoo lol.

It took alot of soul searching to decide to do this,I was expelled from high school and just never went back so after 5 months i got my GED in april and enrolled in the local community college planning on transferring to a school upstate next fall.

My big fear is that I wont be smart enough to do well and get into med school.I am stressing already which isnt a good sign


Actually, there was an very inspirational thread here from someone who also received their GED and went on to become a surgeon. I am sure somebody will be around to drop that link.

You have a up-hill battle, but if you want this bad enough and are willing to make the sacrifices, then only you can prevent you from achieving this goal. It may be natural to stress, but your just creeping out of the starting gate. Don’t get defeated before you’ve even begun.

This is a great site and is full of wonderful resources and people. I would also encourage you to dig back in the forums, there are many…many, inspiring stories from those who have had to overcome a lot of controversey to achieve this dream we are all chasing. So dig in, relax, and I stress the word relax and settle in. This is a marathon NOT A RACE! Just remember that, and don’t burn yourself out before you’ve even begun!

Best of luck to you and your wife as you go down this road…Keep us informed and ask away!!

i totally agree with maddux. if you believe in yourself, are willing to work hard, and make sacrifices, then there’s nothing stopping you from reaching your dreams!

a lot of doctors actually tell me that med school isn’t really a test of intelligence. it’s more a test of your tenacity and drive.

good luck on your journey!!

HI I just registered, new to the site, anyone outthere?

thank you both for the words of wisdom,I know I want this…now its just a matter of doing it!

Welcome! You have chosen a long road, so don’t panic…there is lots of time - don’t let your mind run away with all of those negative thoughts. I know I did that constantly when I was an undergraduate at age 18-20 - which is why I never even attempted med school at that point!

But here I am, 34 with two kids, back at it again…this time I go into each class with the thought that I am the smartest person in the class, I am going to get the best grade…ect. And if I start thinking negatively, I just pick up one of my books, or a homework assignment and get right to it - rather than waste any energy being negative.

There are alot of great stories on this site, I know I feel so much better having found it. We all have unique stories, and it is so inspiring!

Good luck to you, and of course you are smart enough!

I perused on here before work and i got back about 15 pages,great stuff.

I think I should make my intentions known,Im not trying to get my MD although I had given it some thought,my true interest lies in Podiatry.

I shadowed a PDM for a few months and got to sit in on various procedures and LOVED it!

Anyone know about Pod schools? also I have read so many conflicting salary thingys and they vary drastically on how much a fresh out of residency PDM actually makes from 30k all the way up to 200k,now of course money isnt everything but I want to know that I can support my family and pay school loans without too much of a struggle when all is said and done.

Anyhow many thanks for the support and I hope to get to know many of you better as time goes on