New Older PreMed (?) Student......What Did I Get Myself Into?

Hi I am a new member of the community and have to say I am a little weary of this path. I had planned on going to medical school in my younger days but 2 kids later I am nowhere near medical school. My kids are 5 and 7 and I am about to turn 40 in July. Am I crazy to want to go back to medical school when the schools are filled with 20-somethings??

I am currently taking classes at my local college (after a 7 year hiatus)and I am attempting to obtain a Paramedic’s license to then go on to PA school. A friend of mine put the idea (back) into my head that I should just bite the bullet and go all the way.

I think it would be hard because I am a single mother with no outside assistance besides my current job as an administrative assistant but we basically live paycheck to paycheck.

I hope someone out there can give me some more insight into this and hopefully give me a positive outlook on this. I love the medical field and I love medicine so this is the field I will eventually be in, I just have to figure out what path to take.

Thanks in advance to those who read and respond.

Give it up, LucindaG, you are too old. Almost 40 years old! How do you move around? How do you live your life being that old? There’s no hope for you. You had better just be thankful to have your admin assistant job and hold on to it as long as you can. Or for the rest of your life, which probably isn’t too long considering you are almost 40. You have the passion and the skills, but you are way too old. Just give it up its over.


Yes you are crazy to go back, and certainly not too old. Do whatever makes you happy. And like DaveMM says (with a lot of irony), you have plenty of time. Going back or not won’t change the fact that you will hit 50 years old and then 60 etc… You may as well do so doing what you love.

As far as money that may be an issue, I’d focus and figuring this part out (pre-med, med and residency). I am sure that you may find plenty of ways or solutions (some better than others).

Good luck and truly, if going to med school is what you think about when you wake up or when you go to bed, then you should go for it.

And 40 is by no means old considering this forum.

Lucinda, Yes you are crazy…but you have to go after your dream!!! Dont wake up years later and regret you didnt do it. Pray…ask for guidance and seek out scholarships and loans $$. The STEM program may work for you if you do not mind relocating. I have three children 8,6,6 and I am determined to pursue my love of medicine and healing others. Do this to make yourself and your children proud.

Don’t you ever let know one tell you to grow up and give up on your dreams” MusiqSoulChild