New pre-med, hey everyone!

Hey everyone, just thought I’d introduce myself, someone from pointed me here since I’ve been snooping around for a good pre-med site. I just started pre-med so just doing my general education stuff right now, but figured I’d start getting involved with the site since it looks like there’s a treasure trove of information here for what I want to do.
To say a little about myself, I’m 21 and I live in northern California and work as an intermediate claims processor for Blue Shield of California. Being a doctor or medic has interested me ever since I was little, I just wasn’t aware that it was possible to do unless the student had rich parents, had no clue student loans reached out as much as they do for health professions. Anyways, now I find myself about to enter the second semester of my first year of college. I’m planning to finish my general education and maybe some lower division coursework here and then transfer to CSU Chico to pursue a bachelor degree in biology. So far so good, had a 4.0 GPA for last semester and it was a complete cakewalk, so hopefully this semester will be as good since from what I hear I have to keep the GPA as high as possible.
I’m also going to take the EMT basic course next Fall with a friend since that’ll definitely not hurt and if I could work at night as an EMT it’d make the financial burden of school much easier since I’m very poor and because of the way the government distributes financial aid, since I’ve already been working full time it looks like I don’t qualify for anything outside loans.
Anyways, great to be on a site with other people of the same mindset!

Welcome! Glad to have ya.


Welcome good support here!

Timmah, glad I was able to point you here! This is a great site with great people. Best of luck to you!