New Schools? Opportunity or Bad Idea

What are your thoughts/cautions/advice for applying to and attending brand spanking new med schools like first entering class new. Case in point, Noorda-COM in Provo, UT

My wife and I are on round two for kiddos and family support is close to Provo. 3rd and 4th years at Noorda are planned to be in the immediate metropolitan area of the school across 13+ hospitals. DO schools usually send you around all over the place for 3 and 4. With Noorda I could keep my family rooted for four years (a huge plus) but its brand new and I don’t know how risky that may or may not be? Am I totally over thinking this?

My friend who applied to and was accepted at several DO schools as a 2nd time applicant told me I should ask schools about where rotations are located in proximity to the school and the locations of residency placements as both are often in rural areas. Several have told me that for “new” (meaning less than 10 yrs old) DO schools, ask if the school arranges rotations or if students are expected to do this on their own and the travel costs add up. Board pass and residency placement rates are also important to consider and a brand new school won’t have those until the first class graduates.