New second degree student

Hey all,

I’m a new non-trad and figured I’m introduce myself. I am 26 years old and graduated with a degree in business three years. I went to work right out of school and quickly learned the corporate world is not for me. Over time I determined I wanted to go to med school. After discussing with my wife, we both decided I should jump into this 100%. I left my job and am returning to school full time beginning this semester. I am going for a second degree in Biology while I work on my prereqs. Luckily my wife is a nurse, so she is able to work while I’m at school full time.

I spent the last couple semesters getting through my general chem classes along with a couple labs and this semester I am going full in with Organic 1, Physics 1 and Biology 1. Should be a crazy but fun semester. I am nervous, but a course load like that will look like nothing after some time in med school.

I just wanted to introduce myself. This is a great community and I look forward to sharing this experience with everyone!