New to college

I’m 41 years old and i want to go to medical school am I to old i don’t even hold my bachelors degree

Hi rj! I just completed my first bachelor’s in May at the age of 37, and started med school 3 weeks ago Although it sounds daunting, I actually found my path somewhat easier than other non-trads because there are no old bad grades to overcome, no classes to retake, etc. You’d be a non-trad but following a more traditional-type path - undergrad straight to med school. I’m really finding that the age issue is not an issue at all once you’re in med school - everyone is just struggling to keep afloat and no one much cares about your age. And there are a surprisingly large number of older students in med school. Lots of info on this site to help you and lots of people with amazing stories. It can be done with a bit of hard work!!!

Thanks that was very helpful how are things going for you