New to Forum and want some feedback.

I have very much enjoyed finding this website and reading through 20 or so topics. I have not found answers for my specific questions. I realize my questions are demanding and I would appreciate any feedback. I hope to be in a position myself one day to have the answers to help out a person in similar circumstances to the ones I am in now.
I graduated in 1989 with a BA in Computer Science and Mathematics. I had a desire to become a doctor when I was younger but low grades discouraged me. My GPA was 2.92 from the school where I received a BA, but have a 2.75 GPA if I average out all undergraduate coursework from every school I have attended. Although my emotions are fairly stable now, during my college years I would slide in and out of deep depression. My semester GPA's seemed to either be 1.8 or 3.8 depending on whether I was in a funk at the time. I took Honors General Chemistry 20 years ago and earned a B and a C. I received A's in Calculus and Physics I but had a D+ in Biology I and a D in English Compostion I. I scored in the top 1% on the ACT(31), SAT(1480), and GRE(2240) and expect to do well in the MCAT's.
I am 38 now and have been working since I graduated in the computer field. I am a victim of the layoffs that struck my field and decided to switch careers first to nursing and then to medicine. I discussed becoming a doctor with my wife and she agreed to pay the bills for a couple of years while I retrained to be a nurse. She said that at that time she wanted to have a second child and stay home with him/her for a couple of years while I worked, supported the family and applied to med school. She would then be willing to pay the majority of the bills while I went to med school. If this plan works, I should be 46 when I graduate from med school.
I am returning to school this year (summer, fall and spring terms) and am taking the following classes at the local community college:
Nutrition (required for nursing)
English Composition I and II
General Biology I and II (no lab)
Anatomy & Physiology I and II (with lab)
Microbiology (with lab)
Organic Chemistry I and II (with lab)
Physics II (with lab)
Next year I plan on completing a one year BSN program at a local university. I am hoping that academic success during the next couple of years and professional success as a nurse will wipe out my spotty academic past.
Although my wife does well as an accountant I am somewhat traditional and feel I shouldn't be going back to school when I have a family to support. I am concerned the demands of med school will strain our marriage. I also very much desire to be a doctor and feel pulled in two directions.
I would very much like feedback on the following questions:
1- Good overall plan?
2- Good selection of courses?
-a- I have done some self study and feel confident that I can go right into Orgo, but should I retake Gen Chem I and II for appearance sake?
-b- I am taking Gen Bio starting next week in the summer term and the lab courses were filled.
–i- Can I skip Gen Bio because I have other Bio classes?
–ii- Should I find a way to take the lab courses?
3- Any thoughts on med school straining a marriage?
4- The nursing programs to which I am applying have interviews and essay questions. Should I be upfront with my plan to attend med school later?
5- How much will recent academic success wipe out my spotty past?
Again, thanks in advance,

I render my apologies. When I first entered the FAQ forum I found no posts. I reentered the FAQ forum a few minutes ago and selected “from the beginning” rather than the default “from 60 days.” I have found a wealth of information that answers most of my questions.

QUOTE (mrittman @ May 24 2003, 02:37 PM)
I render my apologies. When I first entered the FAQ forum I found no posts. I reentered the FAQ forum a few minutes ago and selected "from the beginning" rather than the default "from 60 days." I have found a wealth of information that answers most of my questions.

Hey Mark,
First of all, welcome to OPM!! You will find a great deal of information here to help with your dream.
Second, thanks to alerting me to something that I needed to correct! I had wanted the FAQ's to be available anytime and that is now the case. smile.gif
Thanks again and welcome,

Well I read through most of the Yahoo Group posts and decided to go to a 4 year University (Rutgers, Camden) and switch from Nursing to Chemistry with a Biochem concentration. It means I'll need to jump right in and take PChem and Orgo together this fall. I am trying to cram the degree into two years. I hope I haven't gone crazy.

Hi there,
I am not sure what the FAQs say but you are probably going to need a lab with your General Biology. Every medical school that I applied to, required General Biology with lab so be sure that you do not NEED the lab for applications. If you are working, I would NOT recommend taking both Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry at the same time as both course are very heavy on problem solving. Since you are attempting to do a bit of damage control from your earlier college career and since you need to pull your GPA up, you need pretty high grades in every class that you take. You will have to raise your cumulative GPA and that is going to take As. If I were in your position, I would opt for taking an extra year (graduating from medical school at age 47 versus 46 is not a major difference) and getting the As.
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graduating from medical school at age 47 versus 46 is not a major difference

laugh.gif that is for sure! I will graduate next year at 48. When I started plotting my path, I really really wanted to be able to shave a year off my plans. I am so glad I didn't. I kept my courseload manageable and got As, kept my sanity (well, kinda), and got in on the first go-round, which is huge. I agree with Nat, I can't imagine doing o-chem and p-chem together. Too bad there is not a puking icon or I would put it in here.

I hear what you are saying. It sounds like I will be drowning in a sea of chemistry problems. I'm taking English Comp and Physics II this summer. I am not shaving years off so I can get through Medical School quicker. I have been a Computer Network Admistrator (Microsoft Certified), Database Administrator, and Computer Programmer since 1989. The computer industry has really been hit hard. I was laid off last September with six other computer professionals. Not one of us has been able to find a job.
My wife has agreed to support my plans for Medical School, but she has one requirement. She wants the mortagage paid off before I go. It should take us 3-5 years as long as I am back working in a couple years. We are also starting a family. I have a 3-month old.
I can get a paying job as a chemist but would prefer to take my time and work full time while I go to school part time. Anyone know any well paying jobs I can jump into right away? Losing this job and the hopelessness in the industry got me thinking about what I really wanted to do though.
Because I basically have all my degree requirements out of the way except nine semesters of 300-400 level Chemistry, it actually wouldn't slow me down any to take only the two classes (8 credits) fall term and eat, sleep and breath them. I can take always take the Gen Bio courses (with lab) in the summer. Think that would still be too much? The other way to get both out of the way would be to study PChem now with Gen Bio I and maybe another 100-level course and take Orgo I and II in two six-week summer terms.
Anyway, I hate it that something like earning a living has to drive some of these decisions.