New to Oldpremeds

I’ve enjoyed reading the postings here. And, I realized I should introduce myself. I am Catherine.
I am 31, a mom to 3 wonderful girls (5years, 22months, and 7 months). I grew up in NY, but now live in Mississippi. I have lived in a lot a places, since I married my terrific husband who is in the Air Force…I was in the Air Force as well until I had my second daughter.
I graduated from a top 10 school in three years in 1995 with an Economics degree and a lousy GPA…2.93. To make matters worse, I took most of my Science pre-reqs shortly after I graduated and before I learned to focus and got poor grades then as well. My science GPA must be about a 2.5. So, after an eight year break, motherhood, and 4.5 years of service to the USA, I think I have finally learned to focus and work hard. I took Orgo 1 last semester and got an A (Final 2 May, baby #3 born 6 May). Whoo-hoo! This last semester I took Biochem and a Psych course and got two more As. Yeah! My current plan is to get an MS in Biochem, get good MCAT scores (should get my Examkrackers in the mail next week )and (I have my fingers crossed) get into Med School. I really hope the upward recent trend in my grades (that I intend to continue) will count for a lot. I love all the material that I am studying…yes I love Orgo and Biochem.
I have wanted to go to Med School since my last year in college…but life thankfully got in the way. I feel that I am a lot more patient, kind, and tenacious now than I was then. Having my three girls also makes me realize that I have to set the example I want them to follow. So, I am going for my dream. I am so glad to have found a place where there are other people with the same dream. Thank you all and keep up the great posts.

Hi Catherine,
It is funny how getting older does tend to smooth our rough spots and make us kinder, although I do know lots of grumpy old men and women. It’s the tendency that counts. But you are in your 30s, good for you for finding your path now while you still have so much time. Good luck and see you around.

hi catherine!
welcome… i am fairly new here myself. well, new to posting, anyway. i think you will find the most support and helpful information here.
there are lots of mom’s here that are trying to make it through. we are all in different phases, so there is a LOT of information to be had. hope to see you around here!
oh, and a big “whoot whoot” on your excellent orgo, biochem and psych grades! thats wonderful. hopefully i’ll be able to do just as well in orgo when its my turn.
good luck to you!

Catherine, welcome. It was just amazing to me how living as an adult and having Real Responsibilities (like kids) prepared me to take school so much more seriously when I went back to my prereqs. Amazing! I also really enjoyed o-chem and I think the feeling of having fun while you’re working so hard helps this journey be a rewarding one. I still feel that way most days (although occasionally I wish I didn’t have to work quite so hard…) and except for raising my kids, which will always rank #1, this is the most rewarding thing I can imagine doing.
You go, girl! You’ve definitely got the right attitude.

Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Welcome Catherine and yea looks rea…l good!
I think your gonna do great!