New to OPM - introduction


I just found this site, let me introduce myself. I am 32, I am a biomedical engineer who has worked in development of medical devices and drugs for the last 8 years. Married with two boys (3 and 1), we have another one on the way! Having contemplated medical school for several years (dissatisfied as an engineer disconnected from hurting people), I had given up the idea two years ago because it was just not rational (too much time and money and disruption to my “comfortable” life).

But my second son was born with a respiratory infection and almost didn’t make it - spent 10 days in the NICU. I was so inspired by the care he received in the hospital I vowed to at least start down the medical school path, if it was not meant to be, so be it, but I had to find out. I started taking O-chem and studying for the MCAT, as well as talking to everyone who knew anything about medical school. Shadowing doctors and spending time in the ER confirmed my desire to be a doctor. I wish I had found this website, but I read much on SDN. I took the MCAT and surprised myself. So I applied to one school (CU or bust), because I knew that I had to stay close to family.

I just got a letter in the mail - ACCEPTED! It has been a wild ride, I still can’t believe it. Now I am very excited but a little anxious about moving and taking out loans and wondering how I can stay connected to my wife and kids. I will save the rest for later posts, but I just wanted to say hello.

Hi there

well congrats. That’s quite a ride you mentioned. Welcome aboard.

Congradulations That is very inspirational.

I look forward to following your future posts.


Wow! That’s amazing! And you make it sound so easy… Congratulations!

I’m new here as well, though I have much further to go before my applications go out. Nice to “meet” you and again, congrats!!