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Hey guys,

I’m 29 years old and considering medical school. My initial intentions were to complete an associates for RN to get established and pay down debt as well as my mortgage. My current job is a dead end, IT tech and just getting tired of it. I’m almost done with my prerequisites for RN but I’m almost ready to jump ship and complete a BSN to get into med school. Is anyone in the same situation as me? How many credits do you take while working full time and still have quality time to study to get an A, plus spouse and things like that? I’m currently taking 7 credits and work full time and have a part time job as well. Is there anytime when you’re not studying?


Read this,…

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Welcome to OPM Definitely browse around a bit - a lot of us have similar questions when starting out. There are even a few posts around here specifically about the transition from IT, as we have a few former IT-types here.