new to site, lots of future questions

hello all, as a new member i wanted to say hello as i will probably be visiting your site with lots of questions about a goal i should’ve pursued years ago, but now as a truly “OPM” (est age at start of residnecy 42) i am likely to need your support! you seem like a great group! I have been a pracicing PA (happy to answer PA questions in return) for almost nine years now, and its time to move on…after looking at many other career paths in and out of medicine i reailsed that the need for change was not to get out of clinical medicine as i had originally thought but to complete my medical education by finally becoming a doctor. So thanks for having me here, and look forward to sharing info with you all…!!

Welcome! Just so you feel better, I’ll be 41 going on 42 when I start med school. Come on in and make yourself at home!

Welcome, Scott, you’re one of several PAs here recently to conclude that you wanted ‘more.’ Not to worry about your age: I was 44, oldest person in my class, when I started medical school and now am in the last few days of vacation before starting residency at age 48.

thanks mary, doesnt seem so bad, except i am just starting my family (no kids but trying, and stopping at one)…newly married and i know it sounds a bit lame but i dont think i could have come to this daunting descision alone without the support of my new wife…she has been great about this, and having her and completing this part has finally gvien me the encouragement/courage to move on…
my concern is undergrad records…i was in undergrad from 86-90 first 2 years 2.6, last two years 3.36 total 3.0 (barely) i have a few supplemental courses from another undergrad college i could add in there to guarantee a 3.0+…grad school as a PA/ masters was 3.4…and was from 93-95…so by the time i apply all my course work is almost 10years old or worse…plus studying for MCAT’s…i need a lot of refreshing!!!
now i have been practicing medicine as a PA at a pretty advanced level the past years (9+) i am hoping that that should count for something…if not everything…i have the support of physicinas i have known and worked closely over the ten years who have all said they would support my effort, from surgeons to ER docs, and I probably could open up a dialouge with a pediatrician i worked closely with.
my other problem is that my PA program directors don’t take too kindly to PA to doc transitions (i guess they consider it a snub to the PA profession…at least that is the take i get, could be wrong) so a letter from them may be difficult, and again its been 10 years since i was there.
ok enough dilemas for now…just hoping i do not have to go backward and do undergrad over again, thats two more years at least…
signing off for now…
an exasperated f/w68
aka scott

Welcome! You’re going to love it around here.

Welcome! I’m 40 starting a 6yr med school in England this year, I’ll be about 46 starting residency. I’ve spent 18 years as a RN, 7 in hospice.